Craigslist Code Words: Do You Know What They Really Mean?

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CRAIGSLIST CODE WORDS Do You Know What They Really Mean?

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For those looking for trouble, Craigslist is full of it.

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But for others, missing the hidden codewords implanted in an ad could land you in a s;cky situa;on. As in, cops-showingup-at-your-doors;cky.

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If you spot any of the following code words or acronyms on Craigslist, beware!

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Most of us know 420 and Mary-Jane are codewords for marijuana, but look out for lesserknown “violet” which is used by sneakier delinquents looking to score online.

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ABR/ANR: Adult Breastfeeding Relationship or Adult Nursing Relationship. Just, no.

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DDF: disease and drug free. Usually used in casual encounter posts, this acronym is meant to establish trust and dis;nguish the poster as safe. But as we all know...

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People on the internet lie. A lot. Newsweek reported that Craigslist hookups were responsible for a 16% increase in cases of HIV. So take that “DDF” designa;on with a grain, or mound, of salt.

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Cranked: to sample a rainbow of narcotics. If we have to tell you why you should stay away from this one, you’re on your own.

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Fun Times: casual hookup. Fun times are not fun times. History has shown that hooking up casually on Craigslist can spell disaster.

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Molly: MDMA. Don’t meet Molly unless you’re trying to score the psychoactive drug MDMA.

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Poppy = heroin. Not an invite to join a horticulture club.

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They like skiing! You like skiing! A perfect road trip buddy for Aspen?

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Nope. Ski or Going Skiing = cocaine. And so does California Cornflakes. Don’t make brunch plans through the classified section.

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The only train you’ll be riding is the one straight to jail because this is code for Heroin.

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Don’t get your hopes up if an online suitor offers to take you out in his Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce: ecstasy

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Roses, sugar, doe, $, help, Nps: cash money.

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Roses is a code word for dollars in prostitution. If she wants to spend a romantic evening with you in exchange for 40 roses, she’s not talking about flowers.

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Sorry, this isn’t an opportunity for new friends. Tina is Molly’s ugly, meaner sister: crystal methamphetamine

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Water Works/ Wet Works: This means somebody wants to urinate on you, or they’re an assassin. Either way, it’s a bad scene.

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Craigslist’s crew of artful dodgers are always inventing new codewords to creep around the authorities. By the time you read this list, it may already be outdated.

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But sometimes you can find good deals on slightly used furniture. What a dilemma!

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So how do you stay safe on Craigslist? Here are some tips!

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1. Never meet alone. If you’re going to buy a fish tank or a nice looking futon, take a buddy with you.

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2. Get a full name before you meet so you can check them out online before meeting up.

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If they don’t want to give you a name, run the number through a phone lookup directory. It may reveal all kinds of details about them.

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3. Scan the post for any red flags. If any words, such as parTy, are spelled strangely, abort. It might be a code word for something you don’t want to get involved in.

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Like any neck of the woods, Craigslist has its fair share of creeps and weirdos.

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4. Don’t use Craigslist for socializing; the freak ratio increases dramatically when you exit the mainstream sections.

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Craigslist can be a great resource, but make sure to use it wisely and exercise cauNon and common sense!

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