Traits of Future Ready Leaders

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We play, for we love it! Copyright © 2014 Tech Mahindra. All rights reserved. 2 Harshvendra Soin, Head - Global Leadership Acquisition & Development, Tech Mahindra. Nurturing ‘Future Ready’ Leaders

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Dominance of Emerging Markets Focus on increasing resource efficiency Increasing regulations & Govt’s role in Pvt. Sector Consumer segments will lead the individuals Social Networking will drive Value Data Analytics to revolutinize decision making Focus on Instant Communication Leaders to address the need of increasing diverse workforce A look at Business Realities in 2020 :- (E&Y Study with Dr. Lan Pearson, a renowned futurologist + Ginni Rometty CEO IBM)

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V U C A Uncertainty Volatile Complex Ambiguous

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Evolving Business Paradigm

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Copyright © 2014 Tech Mahindra. All rights reserved. 6 The World is Changing… Product Design Geneva, Switzerland Manufacturing Guangzhou, China Distribution Long Beach, CA Customer Support Bangalore, India Today’s Business Story: Seamless Processes, Instantaneous Flow of Information and 24x7 Connect Key Differentiator: TALENT

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Traits that make you FUTURE ready

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Attitude If you don’t like something, change it. If you cant change it, change your attitude….

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Challenge the Status quo Accept no limits

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Leading from front to Leading from behind

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Teams will demand ‘AIR’ A – Acknowledgement I –Involvement R - Respect

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