Microlearning Techniques To Improve Employee Training

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 2 Microlearning Definition 3 What Microlearning is Not 4 Microlearning Lifecycle 5 Four-Step Guide for Microlearning Strategy

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What does employee training and learning look like today?

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87% of American adult Internet users say the Internet has improved their ability to learn. SOURCE

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Go gle 70% of workers say the first thing they do when they need to learn something for their jobs is “Google it.” Fewer than 12% turn to their learning organization first. SOURCE

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DOWNLOAD EBOOK HOW CAN MICROLEARNING HELP CORPORATE TRAINING PROGRAMS? Microlearning is targeted to a specific performance objective, includes a focused learning activity and is usually part of a larger strategy.

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DOWNLOAD EBOOK WHAT MICROLEARNING IS NOT: • 20-hour training chunked down into 15, 5-minute segments. • Solely a cheaper, quicker training option. • Always the best place to start.

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DOWNLOAD EBOOK As your learners progress through the learning lifecycle—from readiness to discovery to reinforcement— microlearning can play a helpful role in any or all of these stages. - Ron Zamir, President/CEO of Allen Communication

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READINESS Microlearning can engage and motivate learners before the actual training begins.

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DOWNLOAD EBOOK EXAMPLES INCLUDE: Videos, diagnostic quizzes, infographics and other micro content that primes learners for the learning experience.

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DISCOVERY Microlearning focuses on one performance objective and targets specific behavior change where it’s needed.

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DOWNLOAD EBOOK EXAMPLE: Microlearning breaks down complex, technical ideas into easily understood tools and information that can be communicated to multiple audiences.

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REINFORCEMENT Employers can use microlearning to personalize and review information, develop performance dashboards or provide reference tools.

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DOWNLOAD EBOOK Furthermore, reinforcement helps the learner retain the training and knowledge gained from it.

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5 IN 5 EXAMPLE: A 5-in-5 model teaches five targeted activities or ideas in five minutes.

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DOWNLOAD EBOOK HOW CAN YOU IMPLEMENT MICROLEARNING INTO YOUR CORPORATE TRAINING STRATEGIES? 1. Assess 2. Evaluate courses and modules 3. Map your message 4. Determine parameters

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DOWNLOAD EBOOK When implemented correctly, microlearning can empower learners and drive productivity by expanding access to focused, relevant content. With the large amount of information employees are expected to know to be effective at work, microlearning helps by letting learners memorize only what they need to and easily look up the rest. - Ron Zamir, President/CEO of Allen Communication

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Get started on a more engaging, personalized training solution with microlearning! Download the Microlearning Techniques ebook to see how microlearning can work for your company. DOWNLOAD EBOOK

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