Leadership Development for Managers

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Leadership Development for Managers Building Your Future Investing in Your Leaders Positive Strength Appreciation

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Engagement Productivity Succession Positive Strength Appreciation

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Management thinking and tools Generation Y Fast Paced Technology Advancement Internet Market Changes

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Opportunities Talent Development Leadership Pipeline Business Continuity

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High performance leadership Model Developing Team Sustaining Team Motivating Team Building Personal Leadership capabilities

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Leadership development Junior managers Positive Strength Appreciation

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Program Purpose Discover your role as a people manager Learn to manage yourselves as people manager Apply principles and practices to engage, manage and develop your employees

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introduction Definition and transition of People Manager Leadership behaviors required for effective management Transition from individual contributor to manager Understand Management Competencies

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Manage yourselves Manage Your Thoughts Effective Managerial thinking: Ownership, Flexible, Open-Minded Personalities Profile Manage Your Time

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Manage Others Good Relations Listening, Appreciation, Recognition, Building Trust Preserve Integrity Provides Feedback, Receiving Criticism  Free from Fear Delegation, Communication, Focus on Strengths

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Being recognized Strengths Appreciation Care Human needs

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Know Your Personality

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Leadership development middle Managers Positive Strength Appreciation

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Program Purpose Building Leadership Capabilities Managing motivation and resources Developing Team bonding team, managing performance, delivering training and developing career path Motivating Team Two factors theory, team creativity and facilitation Sustaining Team Momentum collaboration, reducing conflicts, four management style

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Building Personal Leadership Capabilities Be a leader Be Resourceful to show competencies Personal Motivation Developing Team Building Your Teams – team bonding and team planning Managing performance – Department Goals and Contact Time Delivering Training Implementing Career Development Middle Manager

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Middle Manager Motivating Team Five Key Motivation Actions Encouraging Team creativity Empowering team through facilitation Sustaining Team Momentum Implementing Four management styles Reducing Team Conflict Fostering Team Collaboration

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Pg. 20 Resourceful online info research Search engine Google, Dogpile, Stuble Upon Expert About, Answers, Linkedin, Wiki Video Youtube, TED, eHow PowerPoint Slideshare

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Team Planning Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny

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Motivation Factors Achievement Recognition The Work itself Responsibility Advancement Growth

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Managing team performance Team Planning – Dept. Goals

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25 70% On-the-Job Experience Learning through Doing Learning through Others Learning through Study Activities such as: On-the-Job Tasks Special Assignments Cross-Functional Projects Deliver Presentations Activities such as: Seek Feedback Develop a Peer Network Join Professional Organizations Find a Mentor or Coach Shadowing Visibility Opportunities Activities such as: Harvard Manage Mentor E-Learning Programs Instructor-Led Courses Selected Readings Professional Conferences 20% Coaching & Mentoring 10% Training 70-20-10 Development Model

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Follow up Weekly One on One What can we talk about? Queerly Development Follow up

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Leadership Style: Directing, Coaching, Supporting, Delegating 1 2 3 4 1

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Leadership development senior Managers Positive Strength Appreciation

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Program Purpose Setting Management Culture for your organization Growing Your Influence and communication effectiveness Developing Your Strategy and Business Acumen Dealing with Management Team

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senior managers Management Culture Positive, Strengths and Appreciation Corporate Culture Employee Engagement Growing Your Influence Influencing Tactics Persuasion Getting results through powerful Communication Delivering High-Impact Presentation Questioning Skills Conversation Techniques

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senior Manager Sharpening Business Acumen Business Priorities Business Sustainability Model Managing Change Putting Strategies Into Actions Understanding Strategic Thinking Applying Strategy Planning and Tools Conducting Strategy Review Dealing with Management Team Supervisor Management Team

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Positive Psychology Psychology of high performance in people

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Visual Aids Principle

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Value add services Executive coaching 360 survey

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solutions 360 Survey from various parties Focus group interview Analysis of Data Performance Appraisal Deliver Training Coaching (2 X 6 months) 360 Survey Report Submission

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Dr Yulin Ramesh Laurence Yap Leadership Development for Managers