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#CULTUREcode Our Guide to the Culture at hosting

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Who Are We? We are HOSTING. Our MISSION is to provide the best customer experience for mid-size enterprises running business-critical applications in the cloud, supported by the industry’s best team.

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What makes our culture what it is? It’s OUR PEOPLE. Each and every one of them make our #CULTURECode. Clockwise: Engineers at lunch, Matt and Shawna at our Holiday Event, KY Office Home Brew.

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“People are ALWAYS the difference in the success of a services business” -A. Zeile CEO Clockwise: Fedy and Scott Cinco De Mayo Days, Kate and Bree in style, Aaron rockin’ his day, and Paul and Jess on Beer Friday. 4

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What helps us achieve our Mission? “We run out into the street — fully equipped to embrace any challenge we’re confronted with.” -L. Beasley, HOSTING employee OUR PEOPLE move our values forward — every day and in every way.

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“CULTURE eats strategy for breakfast” –P. Drucker Clockwise: TOPS cooking breakfast, Jersey Day in Denver (GO AVS!), Bike Building in KY. 6

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How do we support our customers? OUR PEOPLE are smart. Lots of people with lots of bright ideas work at HOSTING. Collectively, we’re a powerhouse for our customers. We’re always looking for new ways to help them achieve cloud success.

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Why do people like working here? OUR PEOPLE’S people are our people too! That’s right. Your family is our family. We care about our team just like they were our own kids. Because of that, we make sure we offer great benefits — healthcare, vision, dental, life insurance and a 401K match to help you take care of yourself and your loved ones. Oh, and our fantastic Paid Time Off package means you can actually hang with your people. HOSTER Frank Condon hangin’ with his family.

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“Culture is what happens when no one is looking.” - Unknown Clockwise: Bill & Doug the Dynamic Duo , Executive Project Coordinators Angela and Tina, and Don teaching future HOSTERS about the PC. 9

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Why do people stay at HOSTING? OUR PEOPLE grow personally and professionally. -Certifications -WOW training -Tuition Reimbursement -Skills Training -Bell Leadership -Rafting Offsites Whatever gives you balance and helps you expand your mind — HOSTING supports it. We offer Tuition Reimbursement and Technical Skills Training so you can grow professionally. Mental fitness is great – but we  know you need a work life balance. So, we offer yoga at the office, softball and other sponsored athletic events… Get a team together and live it up!

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What is it like in the office? OUR PEOPLE are fun. All of our offices have cool team events and activities that take the stress out and the edge off. Salsa competitions, Monday morning coffee socials, Margarita parties, Whiskey Wednesdays,  catered lunches, pancake breakfast by the TOPS team… Oh, and our COO calls himself the Chief Drinking Officer (and he’s super fun to be around!)   Above: Chief Drinking Officer and Partner in Crime, View from our Bar Below: You guessed it, an office prank!

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“People are the source of our strength.” -A. Zeile, CEO Clockwise: Thanks For Giving in TX, Pinata Party in Delaware, and a C-Levels Meeting… Gingham Style! 12

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What’s your take on Corporate Philanthropy? OUR PEOPLE give back to the community!  Our recent Bring Your Child to Work day was a hit. HOSTING volunteers helped future HOSTERS develop websites, take apart and reassemble servers, make customer service calls and play Ping Pong and take a yoga class — and they all had a blast doing it.  We also work at local food banks, build care packages for Women’s Shelters, and participate in Habitat for Humanity events.  HOSTING encourages every opportunity you have to get involved in your community. One of our Bring Your Child to Work Participants, developing a website!

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One of OUR PEOPLE made this video and we find it pretty inspiring, hope you will too!  

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OUR PEOPLE are OUR CULTURE The HOSTING #CULTURECode - 2014 “A company name cannot achieve greatness, only its culture can do that.” -L. Beasley, Hosting employee