How To Manage Your Boss – The Art of Managing Up

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How To Manage Your Boss – The Art of Managing Up Presented by Eagle

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The Art of Managing Up. Management or Manipulation? “Managing your boss" ?? Bottom-up vs top-down approach in most organizations However, recent studies suggest that effective managers take time and effort to manage not only relationships with their subordinates but also those with their bosses. (Harvard Business Review, 2005)

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(Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 2012) Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement survey of U.S. Employees 2012

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Types Of BOSSEs Important ! Know your boss..

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Let’s watch this video Which type of boss does he belong to? Any clues?

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Type The Control Freak

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Type 1 : The Control Freak need to have everything that is going on in his hands. hate it when subordinates make any decisions without first consulting their opinion. don’t trust people easily and also tend to hoard information you need to know to complete the task. NOT the type of boss who will coach you on handling problem independently or delegate responsibility to his subordinates. (Eric Shannon, 2004)

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Tips To Deal With Type 1 : The Control Freak To keep him/ her up-to-date about each and every single details of the task/ project; To ask lots of questions about the project that he assigned to you; To deliver what he/ she wants and gain their confidence to ensure your success while working with them.

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Type The Blame Fixer

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makes everyone else responsible for fixing his/her problems. takes no responsibility for his own employees, department, or results. BUT will normally be the first to take credit for something which went well. Therefore, you can never dream of him sharing the credit with his team on a successful project. Type 2 : The blame fixer

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Tips To Deal With Type 2 : The Blame Fixer To try fix the problem, not the accusations; To make proper documentation on everything that occurs between you and your boss, particularly on projects, tasks and assignment, since there are tendencies that he/she evade accountability.

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Have a look at this video What do you think about his management style? Type

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Type The Autocrat

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does not care about his employees. usually very difficult to get him impressed/ satisfied with the task you have done, as he is convinced that he is the only competent person in the organization. NOT the type of person who will admit to making mistakes OR tell you how much he appreciates your effort. Type 3 : The autocrat

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To make sure you share the same objectives your boss does; To demonstrate that you are a team player (and on his team); To keep him informed of the status of your project; To clear any decisions you make with them before moving ahead. Tips To Deal With Type 3 : The autocrat

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Type The Soft Heart

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will leave his/ her subordinates hanging out to dry and will be anything but supportive. will never give you honest and direct feedback, being sincere and openly vacillate about decisions. However, they are generally good people. Type 4 : The soft heart

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Tips To Deal With Type 4 : The Soft Heart To act nice and being supportive; To let know up-front that you would rather prefer them to be frank with you; To ask for ‘areas for development’ and how to overcome them when she/ he gives feedback.

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Type The Politician

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Usually posses charismatic personality + always fun to be around with. often has +ve things to say BUT there is rarely any truth or substance behind it. often has no real competence in his job. So, he basically depends on individuals who are competent to make them look good. Type 5 : The politician

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Tips To Deal With Type 5 : The Politician To try to make them look good as they will recognize you. Avoid being a potential scapegoat, by getting public written support for anything risky or controversial.  (Swinton, Lyndsay, 2006)

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Well, For TYPE 6..have a look @ this video Any idea?

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Type The Team Builder

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The type of boss you want to work for - competent & good at soliciting ideas + creativity from their employees. capable of making tough decisions & carries them out in a way that is respectful + professional. Type 6 : The team builder

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Tips To Deal With Type 6 : The Team Builder To be open and not holding anything back; To give commitment and involvement as they delegate and empower their team members; To make sure that you understand your role in the team and able to work well with both, your boss and your team as well.

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Grading the Boss Survey U.S.A CareerBuilder study, 2012 What Employees feel or think about their BOSSES

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Harvard Business Review 2005

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Conclusions In reality,  BOSSEs are some combination of all six of the above types. We can NEVER change who they are, BUT we can adapt the way we work with them in order to be successful. Working with other people is never easy, BUT it is required for success in corporations today.

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Any questions?