Communicating Effectively Across Cultures

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TOP TEN TIPS www.crossroads-global.com Communicating Effectively Across Cultures

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1. Respect cultural differences in your team and create a shared “Cultural Framework”.

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2. Read up on the culture of the various team members and inculcate one cultural habit of theirs.

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3. Build trust and relationship with your team members.

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4. Respect cultural diversity in your team. Diverse workspace equals improved productivity.

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5. If someone does speak English, don’t assume that your team member will understand everything that you say.

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6. Its ok to make a cultural faux pas but do make sure you apologize for it. A genuine apology will not go unnoticed.

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7. Never stereotype while communicating.

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8. Learn to be patient. In some places; it takes longer to complete a deal.

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9. Communicate at different levels using different methods.

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9. Don’t focus only on facts and business oriented plans. Take time out for other things.

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10. Avoid sarcasm, it is not appreciated all over the world.

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Crossroads Global is a trusted intercultural learning partner providing blended coaching, training and consulting solutions. Operating from the UK, India and Luxembourg and serving our customers Worldwide, we assist international organisations that are eager to grow and to maximise on cultural differences, to develop intercultural intelligence and enhance professional effectiveness in working in a diverse team with multicultural clients and colleagues. We are experts in this field and offer the best cultural training at very competitive rates.

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For further information: Tel: +44 (0)20 470 600 650 Web: www.crossroads-global.com Email: info@crossroads-global.com