How to Become a Best Place to Work

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How to Become a Best Place to Work 5 Traits of the Winners

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Lisa Holden Employer Engagement Manager at Glassdoor Lisa.Holden@Glassdoor.com Featured Speaker

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There Is No Mold for the Winners Be good to your employees and you’ll reap the awards

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Why It Matters believe being a Best Place to Work will help them recruit top talent feel being a recognized as a Best Place to Work improves employee morale

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3 Most Common Myths I need to be in tech to be on the list I need to be a large company to make it on the list I can’t be on the list… my company doesn’t have the means to provide extravagant perks

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Trait #1—People Matter are likely to read your company reviews before accepting a job offer

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Action Plan Find people that enhance your culture Have high hiring standards Don’t let candidate quality be sacrificed

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Trait #2—People Feel Heard Listen to your employees and achieve transparency from top to bottom

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Action Plan Average Companies: Send company surveys to get in touch with their employees and evaluate feedback The Best Companies: Send company surveys and close the loop on their strategy to fix any existing problems

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Trait #3—People Can Grow The #2 reason candidates accept a job after salary is career growth opportunities Keep employees challenged Constantly develop their skills Provide opportunities for growth

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of employees left their last job due to the lack of career growth What Happens If You Don’t Promote Growth

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Action Plan Approve any training Average Companies: The Best Companies: Send employees to trainings that they’ll actively use on a day to day basis Keep employees in the same roles they were hired to do Present new challenges and career opportunities to keep employees engaged Don’t have a clear action plan for growth in each review cycle Have clear action plans to address each review period

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Trait #4—Leaders Matter Common themes among highest rated CEOs on Glassdoor Clear vision for the future Strong leadership Motivates employees Personable and approachable

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Action Plan Indecisive with the tough decisions Average Leaders: Strong Leaders Tough and decisive Prioritize being liked Prioritize being respected over being liked Usually make the right decision Have confidence in all of their decisions Don’t communicate often Communicate and ensure everyone knows where the company is headed

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Trait #5—People Feel Appreciated Company perks help build a sense of pride amongst your employees

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Top 5 Employee Motivators

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Action Plan Snacks, Lunches, Dinners Unexpected treats you could give your employees: Saying Thank You Training, Workshops Opportunities for career development: Regular Performance Feedback

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How Are the Winners Selected Using employee feedback of course! Combined with Glassdoor’s proprietary algorithm that looks at: Quality of reviews Quantity of reviews Consistency of reviews

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Lisa Holden bestplacestowork@glassdoor.com