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GET INTO THE HABIT Why Productive Work Habits are Important and Why They’re So Difficult to Create

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BEING PRODUCTIVE Being productive is simply a matter of choosing to work smart every day. Ask successful people their productivity secret and they’ll say it’s consistent daily habits. Read on for more facts about habits & why we need great ones at work. > 2

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TESLA’S SECRET Scientist Nikola Tesla worked everyday from 9AM-6PM. Yet he walked 8-10 miles a day so he could incubate ideas until they gave way to "eureka" moments. 3

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45% Habits are 45% of daily life. We do them without thinking. A Duke University study even says 45% of our habitual actions are done in the same location every day. 4

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AUTOPILOT We rely on habits so we don't have to think about tiny decisions such as which pants leg to put on first or what to eat for breakfast. Autopilot just kicks in. 5

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RESERVED ENERGY Because they’re automatic, they reserve our energies for problem solving — for tasks that rely on creativity and on conscious decisions. Things like: programming code, writing sales letters, or drafting a new website design. 6

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66 DAYS According to researchers, forming a new habit requires an average of 66 days (roughly 2 months). And if the new behavior is particularly complex? Up to 8 months. 7

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RESISTANCE The human mind is naturally resistant to change. We resist change typically because of fear (“This will make my skills obsolete!”) or lack of communication (“Why do we even need this change?”). 8

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RESPONSE The classic psychological response to change: Denial Anger Confusion Depression Crisis Acceptance New confidence 9

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INITIATE CHANGE To initiate change in workplace habits, communicate the reasons for it. Why must this be done? How will the change benefit each person? Proper communication helps quell the fears of all involved. 10

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KEEP AT IT Once you start a new habit, keep at it for at least 66 days — long enough for it to take root. 11

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GET CONFIDENT You need to shepherd your team away from the anger (“I hate this change!”), past the crisis (“I don’t know how to do this!”) and all the way into new confidence (“This is so much better than our old way!”). 12

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