Gamedonia culture code: “We care for your games”

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#Wecareforyourgames Gamedonia culture code: “We care for your games”

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Our vision… Cohesion, to contribute with the development of successful games is our work. We put the strength in the links we have been creating between different skills at our team, working as a flexible and dynamic whole. #Wecareforyourgames

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We believe in… Create value for our developers, our partners & our team. #Wecareforyourgames

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We have realized that developers must help developers to achieve the best quality games” David Xicota, CEO and Founder, Gamedonia #Wecareforyourgames

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It was important for us to have an in-game chat, and allowing our users to be able to share scores and achievements in Game Center using their Facebook user login.”  Fernando Vaquero, DiverTap . #Wecareforyourgames

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In a few hours, with Gamedonia’s tools and technical support, the Cross-Platform PvP module and the users data management was possible.” Christian Gascons, Frozen Shard. #Wecareforyourgames

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Our Core Values What we live by 1 2 3 4 5 Partnerships, not clients Giving your game a chance to succeed The Best User Experience Flexibility From gamers to gamers #Wecareforyourgames

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We are by your side There’s nothing that you do that can’t be done, nothing that you say that can’t be said, nothing is unique but create a game. It’s easy. All you need is a hand... #Wecareforyourgames

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Start today! #Wecareforyourgames

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Find out more [Gamedonia.com] #Wecareforyourgames