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Helping you get more done with your team! Manage your projects in flexible task plans that adapt to your priorities. www.sandglaz.com Twitter: @Sandglaz #CultureCode

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Meet the Sandglaz crew! We’re a small team - but don’t be fooled. We get a lot done!

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the online task manager that helps teams around the world collaborate & get more done. Together we build

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Sandglaz comes directly out of our passion for a simpler, more flexible task manager for highly effective teams. We are proud to be helping teams across the world to collaborate efficiently! Click on the logo at any time during the presentation to find out more

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As a growing startup, each team member has contributed to creating our culture. Our values are something we live every day in our work, our interactions with each other and with our customers.

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Or read our productivity and collaboration blog (click): blog.sandglaz.com Check us out (click logo):

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