Be Honest, Be Real Estate Toronto Realty Blog #CultureCode

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Be Honest, Be Real Estate Toronto Realty Blog #CultureCode

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Real estate is my life

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Professionalism is key Act like a professional Act like you have value in this industry Show your experience and knowledge

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Establish a good work ethic Work ethic is not just in your blood – it’s a behavior that is learned

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I asked for help and that’s ok

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Be opportunistic You have to be opportunistic in this market. If we expect a certain house to sell for beyond our price point or beyond what we are willing to pay, we still need to be ready ‘just in case’ the market doesn’t respond.

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Have realistic expectations I’m a realtor. I’m not a fortune teller. And I’m not a miracle worker. Ican’t promise you the market is going to go up. Because I don’t have any control over it.

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