‘DC Homewares’ Culture Code “Quality, Integrity Service”

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‘DC Homewares’ Culture Code “Quality, Integrity Service” #CultureCode

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Our #CultureCode “Quality, Integrity Service” #CultureCode

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#CultureCode “Quality, Integrity Service” #CultureCode

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Our vision: To Provide a small range of quality products that are sought after, offer great value and build a group of loyal customers. #CultureCode

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We believe in… 100% Customer service, honesty in business, fair pricing, superior quality. #CultureCode

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Glowzone cosmetics sourced from the US for quality and safety; e-voke soy wax candles also sourced from the US to support local farmers and the local economy; Fork by Prep’d imported and built to world class standards –David Bay, CEO, DC Homewares #CultureCode

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Only the best for our customers and at very affordable prices with full disclosure and no wild claims “” #CultureCode

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DC Homewares gives $2 from the sale of every fork sold in the US to Common Threads “” #CultureCode

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When you light one of our e-voke candles you are burning one of the cleanest burning candles possible, with no fear of lead wicks or untested quality wax or essential oils. –David Bay, candle producer, DC Homewares #CultureCode

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Our Core Values What we live by 1 2 3 4 5 Customer Service Honesty & Integrity Sourcing & Producing Quality Giving Back to The Community Doing The Right Thing #CultureCode

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ACTIVE Very active social media giving value to customers and hopefully future customers. #CultureCode

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Free eBook with cosmetics purchase Fair pricing on candles Free eBook with purchase of Fork Donation to children’s charity ADDING VALUE #CultureCode

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“Happiness is knowin' you've done a good job, whether it's professional or for another person. — Elvis Presley, American rock 'n' roll icon (1935-1977).” #CultureCode

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www.dchomewares.com #CultureCode

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2013 Commenced Business #CultureCode

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DC Homewares ONE SMALL COMPANY – three great brands #CultureCode

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Find out more [admin@dchomewares.com] #CultureCode