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Every company has its Bad Guy.

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The bad Guy … costs them so much is so slow always brings complexity delivers low quality

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The bad Guy is Mister IS (*) of course !!! (*) IS : Information system

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What can we do ? We have to find a solution !!!

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“Mister IS should only support us. He is the tool, not the core of our activity. We should fire Mister IS.”

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One hour later …without IS/IT Employees are nervous Customers are nervous Everybody is very nervous Except competitors who are very happy

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We have to find another solution !!!

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The job of Mister IS is a piece of cake. Each department should manage its own IS. We should do it by our own.

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And they ask each department to manage their own Information System.

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Several months later …

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What’s going on ?

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We have a teamwork issue.

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In fact, since Mister IS left and all departments are doing his job …

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We have a lot of bad guys !!!

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“Ask Mister IS, to give us his point of view, You should.”

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Hey, Mister bad guy Mister IS, we are not so happy with your job. Your are slow, Your are too expensive You are adding complexity You deliver low quality Why are you so bad ?

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“OK. Let’s come with me through my journey : Information System project management through 5 stages.”

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Stage #1 : The selection. The selection

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“First, despite your perception… I have a lot of success.” “Everybody wants me to work for them.”

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Be sure that your idea will bring enough value to the company before wanting to start the journey of IS project. Because competition with your colleagues will be fierce,

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Stage #2 : Booking IS resources. The selection Booking

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“Our CFO asked us to optimize resources cost. That’s why they are shared resources.”

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That’s why all IS projects must be planed in advance. Otherwise, minimum delay is necessary to free resources already booked.

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Stage #3 : Designing your idea. The selection Booking Design

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“First, I need to strongly analyze your idea. What will be the consequences of implementing your idea. ”

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“Your idea is very beautiful.” “Unfortunately…”

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“I will not design your idea for you.” “But I will design it for our company.”

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“Your beautiful idea is often a nightmare for your colleagues. It may trigger some changes not manageable at all for them.”

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“Because you are naturally focused only to your activity. I need to explain to the others what will be the consequences of your idea to their activities”

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“In the today digital age of humanity, Information Systems is one of...”

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“…the key assets of the companies.”

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“I (Mister IS) am working like an architect for the company.”

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“Once I have a clear understanding of what are the Business Requirements for all departments related to your idea, I need to find the best way to implement them in our architecture (information System).”

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Stage #4 : Development. The selection Booking Design Development

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“This is part is usually … a piece of cake.”

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“Development is really a small part of the story…and unfortunately only the visible part.”

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Stage #5 : Tests. The selection Booking Design Development Test

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“ I will perform as much as tests as you allowed me to perform.”

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“To avoid….”

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Well… The Bad Guy may be not so bad. In fact, the Bad Guy may be a Good Guy.

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The Bad guy is The Good Guy. That’s all ?

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But how to be sure that this new Good Guy is really good and not bad.

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We must be sure that the Good Guy really is a Good Guy. How to have the Good Guy under control ?

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The answer is …IS Governance.

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Information System is a science. Researches are done to identify best practices.

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IS Governance procures framework to help Companies to follow best practices in Information System management…

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Business teams don’t need to worry anymore and can focus on their own activities.

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“I Hope you have enjoyed this story.” The three mains points to remember : IS Projects are not just pieces of code writing but a complete change of how the company will work, IS projects are risky … that is why they are so long and complex, Best practices exist to reduce risk and give transparency and confidence to stakeholders.