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THEY’RE DISRUPTERS, COLLABORATORS AND AGILE NETWORKERS. Many display a strong desire to make a personal impact by using their business know-how in social enterprises. All of this year’s INTHEBLACK Young Business Leaders are aged under 40 and most have a finance qualification, but their careers are extraordinarily diverse.

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MEET THE JUDGING PANEL Penny Egan FCPA President and chairman, CPA Australia Alex Malley FCPA Chief executive, CPA Australia David Spong FCPA CFO, Ericsson Australia, NZ and Fiji Jen Dalitz CPA Gender balance consultant and founder, Sphinxx Preston Kevin Lewis Managing director, Warner Bros Consumer Products, Australia, NZ and India Aaron Musca CPA CFO, IKEA Australia

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“You need to ask silly questions when you are in the early part of your career, before you are seen as ‘the expert’.” READ MORE Yassmin Abdel-Magied, 22 Ground well engineer, Shell

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“The motivation was really trying to create something from the ground up.” READ MORE Paul Luczak CPA, 31 Director, White Sky

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LEADERSHIP DOES NOT JUST EQUATE TO EARNING BIG DOLLARS. There is a genuine passion and vision to do something that makes a difference and the commitment there is so refreshing.

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“When you have that accounting background, you realise it’s still a numbers game if it’s engineering or another kind of firm.” READ MORE Matthew Tee Kai Woon CPA, 38 Group executive director Bina Puri

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“Sound financial management makes a difference where it really matters.” READ MORE Chelsea Collins CPA, 29 Finance Manager, Oxfam GB

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Panel insight: “They’re very driven towards making sure that whatever solution they come up with, it’s not going to be a five-minute fix. It will be sustainable.”

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“We turn out great technology but because we are a small market we have a much harder job.” READ MORE Israel Cooper CPA, 32 Co-founder, CFO and senior VP Trigger Happy

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“We were trying to solve the challenge of the chicken or the egg: whether you get the people or the clients first.” READ MORE Vickie Ping Wai Fan CPA, 37 Managing partner, Fan, Chan & Co

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THEY APPLY EARLY SUCCESS TO A BIGGER CANVAS. Young business leaders should always be looking to develop their skills for a larger map of leadership; to test themselves all the time with their capacity to influence better behaviour.

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“I’ve never let age get in the way of anything I wanted to do.” READ MORE Matt Baxby, 37 Group executive Retail and online banking Bank of Queensland

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“The first 10,000 users are the hardest to get and we are just at that stage.” READ MORE Tim Fung, 30 CEO and co-founder Airtasker

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Panel insight: “This generation has seen so much change so quickly that the way they look at the world is different.”

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“How you manage people determines how successful you will be.” READ MORE Neel Augusthy CPA, 36 CFO supply chain Johnson & Johnson Medical

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“You always have to overcome something in the process of innovation.” READ MORE Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, 37 Group executive, institutional banking and markets, CBA

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LONG TERM EMPLOYEES ARE BECOMING RARE. Young leaders’ careers are fluid in nature, with a disregard for geographic boundaries or traditional hierarchy being both a benefit and a challenge for organisations.

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“I believe in a quiet, strong and grounded leadership.” READ MORE Rachael Chong, 32 Founder, Catchafire

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“If you over-plan you can blindside yourself to opportunities.” READ MORE Greg Angenent CPA, 38 Acting director, financial accounting and operations Department of Parliamentary Services

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Panel insight: “They like to be in their own game, ride their own wave.”

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“You have to have a lot of passion but if you can’t pay the bills it doesn’t work. But I’m an accountant and it’s natural to me.” READ MORE Steve Hui CPA, 38 CEO and founder, iFLYflat

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“Having a replicable model, we can to expand at a much quicker rate for the next 18 months..” READ MORE Katerina Kimmorley, 26 Co-founder, Pollinate Energy

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THEY ARE ALL DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY. Today’s young leaders play their own game – they are not predictable. They make a name for themselves by being disruptive. Yet there is also an eagerness to collaborate.

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“Most Asian countries are trying to reform their accounting and auditing framework to comply with international standards.” READ MORE Le The Viet CPA, 36 Deputy director general, Nexia International

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“I force myself out of my comfort zone and take on challenges, because if you don’t, you don’t know what you’re capable of.” READ MORE Nicolette Maury, 35 Country manager and managing director, Intuit Australia

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“I do feel motivation to do something that contributes to a better world, not only to make money.” READ MORE Dorjee Sun, 36 Social entrepreneur, founder & CEO Carbon Conservation, director Carbon Agro

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Panel insight: “Young leaders have a global vision and a collaborative take on leadership.”

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“You have to think as though you are one of the owners of the business.” READ MORE Fergus Lam FCPA, 39 Director, internal audit and management services, Sa Sa International Holdings

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“The growth has definitely been surprising. And through word of mouth.” READ MORE Ned Dwyer, 30 CEO, Elto

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“The best advice I’ve had came from my dad: you are never really the owner of the business, you are the gatekeeper for the next generation.” READ MORE Katherine Brown, 32 Brand manager Brown Brothers

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INNOVATORS. ENTREPRENEURS. HIGH ACHIEVERS. The individual approaches of the 2014 INTHEBLACK Young Business Leaders inspire a bright future for enterprises in all sectors.

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