15 Simple Steps to Great Company Culture

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15 Simple Steps to Great Company Culture Mike Rustici, President Rustici Software

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Who We Are

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Outstanding Results

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Fifth Third

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Gosh darn it, people like us

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Why create this environment? =

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How we do it?

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1. Always stick to our culture and values

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2. Recognize that life happens

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3. Treat people like adults CC: Tears 142/366 by Blue Square Things

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4. Let people rise to expectations CC: crossroads: Success or Failure by Chris Potter

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5. Never compromise on people: Attitude

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6. Never compromise on people: Ability A

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7. Building a company is a marathon, not a sprint CC: hard work can hurt by normalityrelief

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8. Make people feel safe

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9. Argue well

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10. Everything is up for discussion

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11. Be consistent in everything you do

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12. Have “legit” fun

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13. Benefits are nice, but just the start

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14. Embrace diversity CC: strawberry fields forever by Jack

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15. Create an office people want to come to

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It’s not rocket science

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