The Value of Tribal Knowledge and Strategies to Increase Adoption

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The Value of Tribal Knowledge and Strategies to Increase Adoption

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The world has become a giant network

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Faster responses Personalized service Better experiences Your customers expect more.

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Yet, we continue to work like we always have

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Today I Learned Assess my organization’s social maturity Effectively Work Out Loud Enable business value without being disruptive

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My name is… Challenging the status quo Kanwal Khipple Founder, Principal Consultant Creative Lead World’s 1st Office 365 based intranet and award winner (Nielson Norman 2014). Jen Burke Project & Process Development Manager The Travel Corporation

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You’ll love the way we work. Together. User Experience Business Strategy Technology Architecture

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Share is the new save

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Social Maturity Crawl. Walk. Run.

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Evolution of Social Mediums IM Email Phone Voice & Video Social Networking 1 to Many

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Work like a network? Awareness and embracing a new approach Social doesn’t equal slacking Open doesn’t equal insecure Publish then perfect Authoritative content is not the only kind that offers value

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Don’t over think social

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Diffusion of “Social” Innovations

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Maturity Model

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How does your organization rank?

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The point is to extract learning FROM work, not impose more work

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Adoption Model Baseline - define where you are currently and objectives for improvements Plan a Pilot - prioritize social capabilities and define training, pilot and standards Training & Piloting - introduce non-disruptive social capabilities with greatest potential value Launch and Drive Success – communicate effectively on purpose and value Adapt and Iterate - collect metrics, tweak processes as required and integrate into how you operate

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Employee Connectedness Culture Initiatives Sharing Industry Articles & News Replace Meetings Team & Department FAQ Sharing Employee Recognition Streamlining Any Business-Related Function or Task Co-Authoring Content Sharing Best Practices

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If what you’re doing isn’t worth sharing, then why are you doing it?

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“Social Enterprise is implemented 80% through organization culture and 20% through technology.” - Gartner, September 2012 Transforming Culture + Deploying Technology

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Work Out Loud Loud. LOUDer. LOUDER.

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Social communities leverage an increasingly expensive asset – people – by allowing them to work out loud, connect with more people, establish trust, and find relevant information and solutions more quickly. Rachel Happe

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Which Communities, When?

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When to Work Out Loud

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Be your Organization’s Intraprenuer

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Yammer & The Travel Corporation Case Study

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Introducing… Sharing our story Jen Burke Project & Process Development Manager The Travel Corporation

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Who We Are 3025 Yammer Users 25+ companies globally 600+ Yammer Groups The Travel Corporation

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Why Yammer? One application for global communications. Best solution to build our social business & improve business agility. Quick to implement.

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Adoption Plan Used Yammer’s ‘Quick Launch’ plan. Executive and HR buy in. Yambassadors Team in every office. Made it easy to reach for help. Made it fun!

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Our Journey So far? Gave us the business agility & social business we needed. Has become imbedded into business. Continuous quarterly health checks. Helped with our company culture. Part of our normal work life.

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Enable Business Value GO where the community is.

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Culture Move from Command and Control to Network: Open, Fluid, Fast

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Work like a network.

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Come For The Content, Stay For The Community

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#worklikeanetwork Inside Communication, 2012

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Deciding Factor for ESN?

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Impact of ESN?

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Ways to Drive Business Value Encourage Sharing Capture Knowledge Lunch and Learns Yambassadors Praise an employee Enable Action Empower Employees Post an idea and ask for feedback Start a group

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If everyone in the team narrated their work openly, we wouldn’t need any meetings to assess project status and we would gain a lot of time. Jerden Sangers

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Today I Learned Where my company is in their social maturity How to effectively Work Out Loud Can I enable business value without being disruptive

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Got Yammer! Now what? Week 1 – motivate and engage the existing community Week 2 – recruit and engage new employees Week 3 – showcase the organization, network and people Week 4 – discuss what matters

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Yammer Feature Cheat Sheet

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Cultivate relationships As in any good relationship, your followers require care and attention. Follow the five-step adoption model in this presentation to deliver high-quality content that addresses member needs and you‘ll not only grow your community, but also forge bonds and foster honest conversations with potential customers. Thanks for listening, and happy posting!

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Thank You Kanwal Khipple kanwal@2toLead.com 416-888-7777

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Connect. Collaborate. Share. Toronto SharePoint Users Group http://www.meetup.com/TorontoSPUG/ Toronto SharePoint Business Users Group http://www.meetup.com/TSPBUG/ SharePoint Saturday Toronto http://spbuzz.it/spstoyam

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