Women in Leadership Highlights

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Women in Leadership Highlights Elisa Jagerson CEO of Speck Design Elissa Murphy EVP at Go Daddy Lisa Stone CEO of BlogHer Elisa Steele CMO & EVP of Strategy at Jive

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I get asked by the media, ‘How do you get a seat at the table?’ These women… they didn’t ask. They just pulled up a chair. - Elisa Steele

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“How do you handle it when things aren’t all rosy?” If it's hard, I just try to get curious. What am I here to learn? When it's not hard, I just try to absorb the opportunity for awe. - Elisa Jagerson

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“How do you want to call out the opportunities and challenges as a female executive?” I have really learned three things: The first is that it is absolutely essential that you not demonstrate gender bias in your networking… let men be people too… Watching how [women leaders] dress, walk, and conduct themselves is a real thing… The last thing I would remember is…to listen. - Lisa Stone

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The bottom line is going back and figuring out the point at which you decided you have an idea that is so obvious to you and so important in the marketplace that you are willing to go for it. - Lisa Stone

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“How do you manage a work/life balance, and what is your philosophy?” There is a flip generation there, where some of us either have to go to work or choose to go to work… We are pioneers in that regard. I say to myself regularly, “I have no idea how this is done, but my daughter is going to know a lot better.” - Elisa Jagerson

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A label is limiting. It doesn’t actually capture somebody. So why take one on? -Elissa Murphy

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“Do women have to give up their soft side to lead?” Do men have to give up their soft side? I sincerely hope not. We should take back both bossy and sissy! - Lisa Stone The real most important thing is knowing who you are, and being aware of it... People lose sight of that so frequently. - Elissa Murphy

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“What are you great at?” I'm great at love. I really love when I love, I love hard. - Elisa Jagerson