Work, Play, Shine: Dun & Bradstreet Culture Code

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Our culture starts with what we do…

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Every week we help tens of thousands of business owners find solutions to the challenges they face.

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We’re proud of the fact that our people genuinely care about helping businesses grow

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is our business CREDIBILITY

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is what defines us! But CULTURE

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Caring for our customers is our top priority…

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but caring for our employees is a measure of our true success.

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Everyone here wants to see you succeed.

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There’s a strong support system in place, ready with everything from huddles to donuts, to strategic tips and inspirational career advice.

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We expect a lot from each other…

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and we empower each other to meet those expectations.

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Every day is an opportunity for professional growth, even if it feels nothing like work. -Derek, Credit Advisor

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Many say it’s like a big family– a family filled with risk-takers, achievers, and daydream believers.

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Made a mistake?

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No big deal! We not only empower you to succeed… we also empower you to risk failure.

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We don’t just encourage failure. We celebrate it. Ordered $15,000 in golf hats and no one liked the stitching -Brenda Realizing too late that education isn't boring and it really isn't cool to have worse grades in high school than Pete and Aaron  -Jeff Ordered 24 tacos for a 30 person release -Shray I left San Diego & went to school in New Jersey -Jonathan Worked on a ticket for 2 days, turns out someone else was working on it the whole time. -Bensen When you make an offer, give a deadline -Jeff "Forgot" to wear a tie -Mierke Reading quickly to save time does no good if you don’t pay attention to what you read -Bryan $1 per month domains were a really bad idea -Jeff Used spellcheck on a list of names -Intern Broke the frame with the instructions for the failure wall -Lindsey I was too eager to resolve a production problem I forgot to update the status -Jose

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We believe that play is essential.

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Never underestimate the power of a ping pong break. Or a basketball break.

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Go from talking business credit to talking trash. (P.S. Your Serve)

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Yoga classes at noon and world-class surf across the street. Our corporate headquarters is anything but corporate.

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Our work-hard, play-hard attitude comes straight from the top.

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Our work-hard, play-hard attitude comes straight from the top. SVP, Business Development CEO & Chairman SVP, Marketing SVP, Sales Ops SVP, Technology VP, Sales Ops

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As much fun as you can have in our offices, we understand that sometimes you just need to get away.

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Our Company-wide outings turn into memories of a lifetime.

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We’re changing our communities for the better.

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We love entrepreneurs and support BIG ideas.

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$124,000 Was given by our Entrepreneurship Growth Initiative to support business plan competitions and their winners at universities across the country* over *This was just in 2011- September 2014 alone!

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We know education is key to the future.

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Last year we gave $215K to local schools.

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We gave the same amount to our own employees to spend on education for their families. $215K

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Our credentials speak for themselves.

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Our secret is no secret at all. It’s simple.

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We care. We empower.

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Your move. Visit Careers.DandB.com to learn more.