The Business Case for EMPLOYER BRANDING

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The Business Case for EMPLOYER BRANDING

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Featured Speakers Lauren Wright Head of Global Business Expansion Glassdoor Karen Parsons Strategic Account Director LHH

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What is an employer brand?

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An organisation’s reputation as an employer

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An organisation’s reputation as an employer

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What impacts a strong employer brand Top 5:

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STRONG EMPLOYER BRAND High Brand Awareness Retention More Job Offers Accepted Revenue Goes Up More Quality Applicants Lower Cost-Per-Hire Higher Number of Referrals POOR EMPLOYER BRAND Low Brand Awareness Attrition Declined Offers Low Productivity Long time-to-hire High Cost-Per-Hire Poor Referral Programmes vs.

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So why are we here? Satisfied employees tell three friends… Angry employees tell 3,000 or more. “In prior generations, you get married and you start a career and you do that immediately. What young people today are seeing is that approach has led to divorces, to people unhappy with their careers ... The majority want to get married [...] they just want to do it right the first time, the same thing with their careers”

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would not take a job with a company that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed! 69% Source: Allegis Group Services Study, August 2012 (1,010 US Workers) 30% Say organisations rarely or never promote internal networking. 40% Say organisations rarely or never provide career planning and development. Source: LHH Talent Mobility Research Report 2015 Source: LHH Talent Mobility Research Report 2015

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Employment brand messages 3 Most Influential:

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How does your online presence impact your employer brand?

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+ Hiring Manager Recruiter Career Page Hiring Manager Recruiter Career Page Today Yesterday Employers Perspective Employers Perspective Candidates Rely on Both Peers and Employer Insight Candidates Rely on Employers Insight Only The decision making process has changed

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Today’s candidates’ decision process

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61% job seekers in US use Glassdoor when searching for jobs Company Benefits Annual Leave “Very good. You can also buy more holidays.” Interview Questions Recruitment Consultant “Want to see what you’re like working with a group…and your real personality.” Salary Business Analyst ?40k (1.1k Salaries) 388 Reviews Candidates are hungry for information COMPANY ABC

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Candidates’ journey These candidates really want to work for you!

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Reputation How to Measure: Start managing your reputation across social channels

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Measure: understanding your brand and reputation Brand Awareness Company Reputation Employee Sentiment Your Company Competitor No. 1 Competitor No. 2 Your Company Competitor No. 2 Competitor No. 1 94.9% 97.3% 46.8%

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Most job seekers read 4-7 reviews before forming an opinion of a company Source: Glassdoor Site Survey, October 2013

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70% of employees say they are ‘OK’ or ‘Satisfied’ with their jobs and companies 3.2 average site-wide company ranking 68% average site-wide CEO approval rating 60% of reviews are from current employees Sources: Glassdoor User Survey 2014 A look at the numbers…

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Tell your story

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Step 1: Get involved today and claim your profile 1

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Step 2: use online resources & content 2

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Step 3: embrace transparency — OpenCompany Launched in April 2014 100+ employers have achieved OpenCompany status 13,861 Photos, Reviews, Company Descriptions contributed since launch 2

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LHH Alumni Promoter System (APS)

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increase in the quality of the candidate pool 54% According to a 2014 CEB report Employers that invested in employer branding reported

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Sources: *Bersin by Deloitte, November, 2011 **Employer Branding Global Trends Study Report, May 2014 Cost savings from employer branding Example:

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Get started

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Action Plan

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Understand. Develop. Deploy…talent

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