Building a Great Engineering Culture

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Building a Great Engineering Culture SIMON GUEST 1

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Why care about culture? 2

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Five Tenets of Great Engineering Culture ▸ Work/Life Balance ▸ Community ▸ Personal Development ▸ Communication ▸ Team Structure 3

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Work/Life Balance ▸ Work hard when you need to, but don’t burn out ▸ Adopt a flexible work schedule - but be still driven by results ▸ Take time to celebrate success before moving on to the next thing 4

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Community ▸ Embrace open source in everything you do ▸ Realize that the community is larger than just you or your team ▸ When you learn something new, take time to give back 5

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Personal Development ▸ Invest in the hardware, software, equipment, education and training required for success ▸ Stay curious, being willing to see change as a chance to grow, and helping others develop ▸ Support lateral moves within groups and teams to help build different skills 6

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Communication ▸ Be open and transparent with each other, recognizing differences, but building trust by being honest and authentic ▸ Support saying “no” to things that don't make sense ▸ Don't be afraid to fail - as long as you fail fast, and fail as a team 7

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Team Structure ▸ Each team should be responsible for their own destiny - each of which with an infectious passion for the customer ▸ Individuals should be measured on their contribution to the team not individual contribution or heroics ▸ "Managers" should still write code a good percentage of the time 8

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