What a Dinner Party Can Teach You About Recognition

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In the new book The Power of Thanks, authors Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine offer a neat metaphor for recognition.

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We have a saying about recognition: “If it has no value, it has no value.”

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To illustrate, imagine you are invited to a small dinner party. Here are three scenarios: You’re Invited!

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ENARI C S O 1 You arrive with absolutely nothing in your hands.

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At the end of the dinner, you take out a piece of paper, draw a big thumbs-up on it.

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You hand it to your host, and say, “This was a magical dinner, I really like your dinner. I’m gonna like you on Facebook! Heck, this dinner was so good I’m going to give you a second thumbs-up!”

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That’s like badging.

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CE NARI S O 2 You say, “That was a really fabulous dinner; you must have spent a lot of money in putting this together.”

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“Let me get my wallet out, I want to contribute for how much . . . Here’s $50 for what I ate.”

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That’s like recognizing with cash.

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O S NARI 3 CE You arrive with a bottle of wine, chocolates, or flowers.

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Or you offer to bring a special dessert, which amounts to coming prepared to show appreciation.

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And perhaps after the event you send a handwritten note or an entertaining e-mail.

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And yes, you also post a photo on Facebook!

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That’s social recognition.

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Badging, cash, or giving a considered sign of appreciation — which do you think makes the best impression?

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Adapted from The Power of Thanks, by Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine, McGraw Hill 2015. THE Download a free chapter or buy your copy today from POWER OF THANKS HOW SOCIAL RECOGNITION EMPOWERS EMPLOYEES AND CREATES A BEST PLACE TO WORK ERIC MOSLEY CEO OF GLOBOFORCE DEREK IRVINE VP OF CLIENT STRATEGY CONSULTING, GLOBOFORCE © 2015 Globoforce Limited. All rights reserved.

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