Project Management is for Everyone

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Everyone’s a Project Manager (Even if You Don’t Admit It) Results from the 2015 Work Management Survey Report

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It's not uncommon for people to tune out the second they hear “project management”

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“I'm not a project manager. Why do I care about project management?”

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We surveyed 1,464 workers on their productivity, work management, & overall workflow to discover who is actually managing projects. Here are some of our key findings:

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EVERYONE’S A PROJECT MANAGER 94% of respondents manage projects, but less than half have "project manager” in their title WORKERS  WHO   MANAGE  PROJECTS: NO   NO WORKERS  WHO  ARE   “PROJECT  MANAGERS”: No   6% YES NO YES YES Yes   94% Yes   47% No   53%

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MOST COMPANIES DON’T USE A STANDARD APPROACH 51% of respondents report that their company doesn’t use a standard project management approach

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LESS THAN HALF OF WORKERS ARE HAPPY WITH HOW THEY MANAGE WORK WORKER  SATISFACTION  WITH   PROCESSES: Neutral   22% Happy   44% Unhappy   34% Photo by Jerry Raia - Creative Commons Attribution License https://flic.kr/p/9rSz1P Only 44% of respondents claim they are happy with their company's current work management process

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WORKERS TRACK PROJECT STATUS IN A VARIETY OF WAYS • 23% of teams track progress Don't  track  status  at  all   using project management 4% tools Via  face-­‐to-­‐face  discussions   • 41% report using a mix of 9% methods (email, shared documents, notes, etc.) Via  shared  document   10% A  mix  of  all  the  above   41% PM Guide Via  email   13% Via  project  management  tool   23%

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MISSING INFORMATION IS A HUGE PAIN POINT FOR WORKERS Top 3 Stressors at Work: Missing information Problems with prioritizing Unrealistic project goals Photo by bottled_void- Creative Commons Attribution License https://flic.kr/p/4mLoa2

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STATUS MEETINGS EAT UP TIME How  many  mee>ngs  focus  on   status  updates?               None   5% Some   49% All   11% Most   35% Nearly half of all workers report that “all” or “most” meetings are just status updates Photo by Kat - Creative Commons Attribution License https://flic.kr/p/6aGNbC

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Overall, it's clear that non-project managers are facing productivity hurdles that are affecting their workplace satisfaction.

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It's important to remember that project managers aren't the only ones who need tools to plan projects more efficiently Photo by Orange County Archives- Creative Commons Attribution License https://flic.kr/p/72iYve

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By recognizing when there is a need to improve the alignment of your work management process, and then taking action, you can save time & keep your employees happy Photo by tec_estromberg- Creative Commons Attribution License https://flic.kr/p/hWX3qc

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Interested in seeing all the results from our survey?

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