Opportunities in Staffing

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Presented by: Eric Gregg, CEO Inavero Opportunities in Staffing

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Not All Sources of Information Should Earn Your Trust Misinformed Celebrities… Lindsay Lohan about the weather Jaden Smith about global warming Ron Artest about dieting Kanye West about…..ANYTHING …or spelling

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Its not Just Celebrities – We Should Check Our Own Bias as Well

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864 Internal Staff 61% recruiters 26% staffing firm leadership 63% female Median age 36 years old 9,525 Job Candidates 65% currently employed 73% actively looking for a new job 62% in professional/IT/healthcare 3,021 Employers Independent online panel and CareerBuilder database 32% > 250 employees 45% hire in professional/IT/healthcare Opportunities in Staffing: The Largest Study of Its Kind in Staffing STAFFING FIRM Image: © Dreamstime.com Image: © Dreamstime.com Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Net Promoter Score® Measures Loyalty in Staffing A Net Promoter Score (NPS®) is an easily understandable metric based on likelihood to recommend using a company, product or service to a friend or colleague Staffing firms see a direct correlation between: Net Promoter Score, retention, & referrals. ® Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld -100 100 -15% 31% 56% 76%

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Keeping Your House in Order A Look at Internal Staff Satisfaction © 2015 CareerBuilder

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Internal Staff Satisfaction Remains Level Over Prior Years

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Recruiters and Account Managers Less Satisfied and Optimistic Firm Leadership Account Manager Recruiter Net Promoter Score® Optimistic about Next Year Images: © Dreamstime.com

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Staffing Firms Have to Get Employees Over the 3 to 5 Year Mountain of Negativity < 3 Years 15% Detractors 3 to 5 Years 18% Detractors 6 to 10 Years 10% Detractors > 10 Years 9% Detractors Key Issues for Employees with 3 to 5 Years Tenure: 51% more likely to feel underpaid. 38% more likely to feel immediate manager is ineffective. 14% less likely to feel they receive performance feedback. Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Optimism and Recognition Top Drivers of Loyalty for Internal Staff ENJOY PEERS OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH OPTIMISM Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Getting in Step with Today’s Talent Inside the Minds of the Job Candidate © 2015 CareerBuilder

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We Too Often Forget the Link Between Client and Candidate 6 in 10 Clients Have Used a Staffing Firm At Some Point for Their Personal Job Search Image: © Dreamstime.com

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The Top 5 Things Talent Think Are True About Staffing Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Mobile Engagement Continues to Grow – As Talent Expects More Mobile Functionality Smartphone Ownership Image: © Dreamstime.com Image: © Dreamstime.com 73% will leave a non-mobile optimized site and 38% view your firm more negatively if site isn’t mobile friendly

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3rd-Party Reviews Rising in Importance as Trusted Source for Talent Vetting Potential Staffing Firm Partners Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Technological Advancements Yield Mixed Results for Candidate Experience TECHNOLOGY HELPS: 41% say applying on a mobile device is better. 29% believe applications are easier to complete. TECHNOLOGY HASN’T IMPACTED: Length of typical application. Use of automated responses. TECHNOLOGY HURTS: 39% believe recruiter responsiveness has declined. 42% believe human interaction is worse.

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The Service Playbook Finding, Engaging & Placing Top Talent © 2015 CareerBuilder

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Placed Talent Remain Positive About Experience, But Applicants Detractors Remain an Issue Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Pre-Placement Steps to Maximize Job Candidate Satisfaction Half of candidates say their staffing firm didn’t take these steps.

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Onboarding Process to Maximize Satisfaction of Placed Talent 55% of all talent turnover occurs in the 1st two weeks of a new assignment Half of all client terminations occur in the 1st two weeks of a placement Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Post-Placement Process to Maximize Retention, Referral & Rehire Less than half of placed talent receive contact prior to the end of their assignment. Just 1 in 3 receive feedback on their performance Image: © Dreamstime.com

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There are Many Things Making Retention of Top Talent a Concern Confidence Current Assignment Will Run Full Duration: When Placed Talent Start Looking for Next Assignment: Average Monthly Phone Calls from Staffing Recruiters:

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5 Stats to Know About the Talent Journey that I Couldn’t Fit Anywhere Else 44% of candidates can’t name a single staffing firm brand from memory. Awareness: Half of job candidates who are referred to you will still vet your firm through a Google search or online reviews Consideration: Rehire: Referral: Offer: Average rehire rate for staffing firms in the survey was just 25% 91% will encourage others to use your firm if they have a good experience. 78% will accept a salary 5% lower than their minimum if they read positive reviews online about the company.

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How Clients Buy Staffing Services Finding and Landing New Accounts © 2015 CareerBuilder

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A Quick Game of Name that Basic Cable Channel

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Getting the Meeting Hinges on Adding Tangible Value 33% more likely if you have a specific candidate to share 22% more likely if you have hiring or salary data to share OR Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Understanding What Clients Really Think Is Key to Success Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Referrals and Online Resources Top Ways Employers Find Staffing Firms 5 Buying Trends to Follow: 64% of decisions regarding what staffing firm to use are made by more than one person, The average person researches 3 types of sources about a particular firm, 61% claim some form of referral influenced who they considered, But 4 in 5 who get a referral still vet the firm through at least one other source, and Online sources have increased significantly – especially with younger buyers.

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Education and Data are Critical to Your Sales Success 67% more likely to be trusted than sales reps and 9x more trusted than marketing % Dissatisfied

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Mobile Interactions for Staffing Clients Continue to Rise Smartphone Ownership 27% of client interaction with staffing firms happens away from desktop and 57% develop a negative perception of the firm if site is not mobile-ready

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The Service Playbook How Top Firms Ensure a Consistently Exceptional Experience for Clients © 2015 CareerBuilder

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The Staffing Employment Story is Strong for Our Industry

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But That Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Everyone Loves Working With Us Image: © Dreamstime.com

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So What Are We Doing Wrong?

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The Part of The Service Delivery Equation Many Firms Undervalue REMARKABLE PROCESS REMARKABLE PEOPLE REMARKABLE EXPERIENCE Image: © Dreamstime.com

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What Is the ‘Left Turn’ in Your Process? 90% of UPS driver turns are to the right, because: It helps save them over 1 million gallons of gas a year, and Left-hand turns are 3x more likely to result in a deadly crash with a pedestrian. Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Pre-Order Process to Maximize Client Satisfaction 4 in 10 Clients Say This Doesn’t Happen Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Candidate Submission Process to Maximize Client Satisfaction More than 20% of clients say this doesn’t happen Image: © Dreamstime.com

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Who’s More Likely to Get the Sales Person Placement?

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Post-Placement Process to Maximize Client Satisfaction Issue Resolution is a Key Step in the Process Image: © Dreamstime.com

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You Define Your Brand by How You Respond when Things Go Wrong Man Has 29 Miley Cyrus Tattoos Removed, Proving That Everyone Makes Mistakes

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The Moral: Just Because Something was a Good Idea Once, Doesn’t Mean it is Now Talent are in control now, not us. We need to focus on how we do things as much as on what we do, and Our reputation is our most valuable asset.

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It’s a Good Time to be in Staffing, but Don’t Lose the Race Because You’re Too Busy Celebrating

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