5 Must-SEE TED Talks Videos for Aspiring Leaders

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Here are 5 inspiring TED Talks that will positively change your perspective on business and management. © Avery Eisenreich 5 Must-SEE TED Talks Videos for Aspiring Leaders

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© Avery Eisenreich 1. The Happy Secret to Better Work Speaker: Shawn Achor

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Description: Shawn Achor, a researcher and lecturer in Positive Psychology, is a leading expert on the connection between happiness and success. This TED Talk has been viewed 11 million times and was also aired on PBS. In it, Achor teaches us how to become positive thinkers and use happiness in order to become more productive at work.   © Avery Eisenreich

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© Avery Eisenreich 2. The Tribes We Lead Speaker: Seth Godin

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Description: Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. He is most famous for coining the terms “Permission Marketing” and the “Purple Cow”. In this TED Talks, Godin examines the revival of “tribes” with the advent of the internet. He argues that tribes, which were founded on shared ideas and values, provide everyday people the power to lead and make big decisions. © Avery Eisenreich

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3. How to Get Your Ideas to Spread Speaker: Seth Godin © Avery Eisenreich

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Description: Yet another great video by Seth Godin! Godin offers an unusual perspective on how to get your ideas to spread by introducing “bad” and “bizarre” ideas into picture. He uses everyday examples like Wonder’s Sliced Bread and Steve Job’s Apple Inc. to substantiate his points. The lessons in this TED Talk are very practical and can be applied to all businesses and industries. © Avery Eisenreich

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© Avery Eisenreich 4. How Great Leaders Inspire Action Speaker: Simon Sinek

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Description: Simon Sinek is an author best known for coining the terms and “The Golden Circle and “Start with Why”. In this TED Talk, Sinek shares his own personal struggles with understanding personal motivation and how it led him to the realization that all good business ideas begin with “WHY”. He offers practical tips for leaders looking to hire the right people and getting their business off the ground. © Avery Eisenreich

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5. The Power of Introverts Speaker: Susan Cain © Avery Eisenreich

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Description: Susan Cain is a former corporate lawyer and negotiations consultant with authored the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts. This book serves as an inspiration for all “introverted” beings who feel they do not have any potential to succeed. Cain argues that, despite being introverted, some of the greatest leaders were able to overcome their shortcomings and have a meaningful impact in their workplace.   © Avery Eisenreich

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