The World’s 50 Most Influential CMOs

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Fourth Annual The World’s 50 Most Influential CMOs Study 2015

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Introduction Introduction We’re pleased to present the Fourth Annual Forbes/ their respective influence on a given theme; the credi- ScribbleLive (formerly Appinions) World’s 50 Most bility of the outlet where the reaction was published Influential CMOs Study in which we identify and or consumed; and the volume of reactions generated recognize the marketing leaders who have estab- by the opinions attributed to that influencer within the lished themselves by publishing and sharing opinions studied timeframe of May 12 to September 30, 2015. that travel and generate significant reactions. Others’ influence is based on newsworthiness, either Research partner LinkedIn supplied additional public personally or that of the companies they represent. data from their platform to corroborate ScribbleLive influence scores, as well as additional public data The CMO title is applied broadly. In some cases, it including news citations over the past six months; the applies to the highest-ranking marketing officer within size of their networks; the relative content brand score any given company for inclusion in the study. The of their companies; theme they are sharing; education, actual title of each honoree is listed on their personal and job tenure. profile page. We recognize there’s churn in this arena; 22% of these CMOs have been in the role for less than a year. To qualify for inclusion on this list, each CMO is required to have held their title or rank for a minimum Bruce Rogers Larry Levy Forbes ScribbleLive seven months in 2015. To arrive at the scores, the ScribbleLive Insights platform analyzed over 100 million articles from news, blog and social media sources, identified opinions from and reactions to the selected CMOs, and calculated a proprietary influence score based on the people or entities reacting to an opinion. This was weighted by This report is based on an analysis of data collected between May 12, 2015 to Sept. 30, 2015 on the top 500 companies from the 2015 Forbes Global 2000 Largest Companies list (Forbes Global 500) and the 2015 Forbes Most Valuable Brands lists. 2

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Table of Contents World’s 50 Most Influential CMOs – 2015 Summary of Most Influential 5 Industries 8 Themes Table of Contents 4 9 Analysis of Influential CMOs 11 By Gender 12 By Job Tenure 13 Education 14 Business Type 15 Rising Stars 16 Who Do Influencers Follow? 17 Profiles of Most Influential CMOs 18 Methodology 49 What is an Influencer? 49 About 50 3

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4 World’s 50 Most Influential CMOs – 2015 Rank Name Brand Rank Name Brand – 1 Phil Schiller Apple 26 Clive Sirkin Kimberly-Clark 2 Kevin Hochman KFC (US) 27 Eric Liedtke Adidas 3 Kevin Crull Sprint 28 Clarence Gooden CSX Corp !4 Olivier Francois Fiat Chrysler ! 29 Ken Chaplin TransUnion !5 Beth Comstock GE ! 30 Ann Glover Voya 6 Scott Moffitt Nintendo Patrice Bula Nestlé S.A. 7 Geoff Morrell BP ! 32 Karen Quintos Dell !8 Martine Reardon Macy’s " 33 Russell Wager Mazda !9 Keith Weed Unilever Raja Rajamannar Mastercard – 10 Alain Visser Volvo Ola Källenius Mercedes-Benz ! 11 Tony Pace Subway 36 Jeff Lucas Viacom ! 12 Alan Gershenhorn UPS 37 David Doctorow Expedia David Kroll MillerCoors 38 Dean Evans Hyundai Motor America Andrew Nocella American Airlines 39 Jon Iwata IBM 15 Jerome Stoll Renault 40 Peter Horst Hershey 16 Andrew Sherrard T-Mobile ! 41 Loren Angelo Audi ! 17 David Christopher AT&T Mobility ! 42 Andrea Riley Ally Financial ! 18 Dorothy Dowling Best Western International 43 Syl Saller Diageo Corp " 19 David Lauren Ralph Lauren Corporation 44 Steve Fund Intel ! 20 Brian Smith Lexus 45 Leontyne Green Sykes IKEA " 21 John Frascotti Hasbro 46 Jeff Jones Target ! 22 Dana Anderson Mondelez 47 Tom Peyton Honda 23 Ram Krishnan Frito-Lay North America Stephanie Linnartz Marriott 24 Jamie Moldafsky Wells Fargo 49 Ann Simonds General Mills 25 Michael Sprague Kia 50 Antonio Lucio HP 13 ! 14 1 – No longer CMO, promoted to Vice Chair 1 31 34 " 35 2 " 48 2 – Stepped down, effective September 30, 2015

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5 5 Most Influential CMOs and a Summary of Why. Phil Schiller Apple As in earlier years, Apple’s Phil Schiller dominates the list thanks to the company’s high-profile product introductions. This year saw the debut of the iPhone 6S, the iPad Pro and Apple iOS 9 in September; enough to secure Schiller’s stunning average influence score of 668.8, more than the next eight most influential CMO scores combined. Notably, Schiller is also the only CMO to rank in the top-10 influencers on three themes of specific interest to marketers, namely mobile marketing, marketing innovation, and global marketing (#18, Best Western’s Dorothy Dowling, ranks on this last theme, too). While his peers discuss his products, Schiller demonstrates strong domain dominance not just with his brand, but also across the marketing spectrum.

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6 Kevin Crull Sprint Yum! Brand’s Kevin Hochman and Sprint’s Kevin Crull soared to second and third place, respectively. Neither were on the list previously. Hochman, CMO for KFC, made waves discussing the new actor playing the Colonel at Comic-Con and serving as a Waze navigation voice. Crull announced Sprint’s competition with AT&T for DirecTV customers’ business and a new unlimited wireless plan. Fiat Chrysler’s Olivier François, #4, also made a substantial gain over his 2014 #15 ranking. His topic range is broad, from FC sponsored music videos to new car models and the company’s involvement in Star Wars marketing. Kevin Hochman Yum! Brand Olivier François Fiat Chrysler

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7 Beth Comstock General Electric Fifth-ranked Beth Comstock rose from a #8 slot last year (and in September was promoted from CMO to Vice Chair of GE). Comstock’s ranking is based both on the influence she expresses personally as well as her inherent newsworthiness as a leading executive. She is also the only influencer on the list who is avidly followed by her peers on multiple social media channels (see page 18). Comstock has no dominant theme or topic, but publishes Beth Comstock is the only influencer on the list who is avidly followed by her frequently. peers on multiple social Two additional marketing executives are new to this list and in media channels the 2015 top 10: Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt and BP’s Geoff Morrell. Moffitt’s standing was concurrent with buzz around new products, while Morrell’s prominence came at a time of news about a potential class-action lawsuit over the gulf oil spill.

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8 Top Five Industries Represented by Influential CMOs Auto 10 CMOs 20% 41% Automotive has eclipsed tech in influence this year. Formerly dominant on this list, tech has Tech 9 CMOs 18% 25% slipped to second place. Apparel, which ranked #3 last year, has dropped out of the top 10 industries represented by the most influential CMOs. CPG 7 CMOs 14% 21% 12% Financial Services 6 CMOs Food & Beverage 3 CMOs 6% 6% 0 5 10 15 % of influence aggregated by CMOs from that market. 20

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9 What Marketing Themes are on the CMOs’ Radar this Year? Content marketing tops the list, global marketing is also prominent (additionally, there’s plenty of chatter about the emerging marketing in China). Social media plunged 14% as a theme of discussion, while mobile marketing correspondingly soared. Another highlight is ad blocking, which peaked as a theme when Apple introduced that feature in iOS 9. With iPods, iPhones, and CMO Phil Schiller dominating other conversations and commanding attention, Apple takes a commanding lead in all spheres of marketing influence. Top topic: Content marketing dominates CMOs’ conversation in 2015.

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10 Theme Analysis Content Marketing 23,937 Global Marketing Data-Driven Marketing 12,572 Millenial Marketing 18,061 Mobile Marketing Social Media Marketing 7,485 2,941 Ad Blocking 7,871 11,590 Marketing Organization 15,608 Marketing Innovation 21,220 Internet Of Things 23,295

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Analysis of Influential CMOs

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Analysis of Influential CMOs By Gender 76% Influence remains as male-dominated as the average C-suite. 38 of the Top 50 influential CMOs this year are male (76%) , compared with 12 women (24%). In 24% fact, women’s influence has declined from last year, when 34% of the Top 50 were female. This may be in part attributable to the fact that automotive has risen to be the dominant industry sector insofar as influence is concerned while more traditionally female sectors such as apparel have dropped. 8 Female Male of top 10 represented industries boast no women CMO influencers this year. Women’s influence has declined from last year, when 34% of the Top 50 were female. 12

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Analysis of Influential CMOs is the average time, influential CMOs have held their position for By Job Tenure of this year’s Top 50 have been in their current role less than a year have occupied their seat for over a decade

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Analysis of Influential CMOs Education Where did the most influential CMOs get their education? East Coast institutions dominate the list of the Top Ten, but while Wharton and Harvard lead the list, the Ivies quickly trail off in favor of leading state schools. Private, non-Ivy universities also ranking are William & Mary and Duke University. School # of Top CMOs that Obtained Degrees (Bachelors or Post-Grad) The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) 4 Harvard University 3 William & Mary 2 University of Southern California 2 University of Michigan 2 New York University 2 Miami University 2 Duke University 2 Source: LinkedIn 14

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Analysis of Influential CMOs Business Type 18% B2C is overwhelmingly the dominant sector. 6% B2B Combination 2015 76% 6% B2C B2B 30% Combination 2014 64% B2C 15

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Analysis of Influential CMOs Rising Stars Biggest Gainers In addition to CMOs who are new to the list in 2015, Name Brand This Year Last Year Change Brian Smith Lexus 20 40 !20 Keith Weed Unilever 9 26 !17 Tony Pace Subway* 11 25 !14 Alan Gershenhorn UPS 12 24 !12 Olivier Francois other CMOs are ascendant. This year’s biggest gainers Fiat Chrysler 4 15 !11 are Unilever’s #9 ranked Keith Weed and Lexus’ Brian Smith respectively soared up 20 places on the list since 2014. Weed has been vocal about Facebook video ad pricing (a policy Facebook recently changed) and sustainability. Smith has focused on new models, but also on the compelling content around the company’s virtual reality web series. *Stepped down, effective September 30, 2015 16

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Analysis of Influential CMOs Most Followed on LinkedIn Rank Name Most Followed on Twitter Rank Name Handle 1 Arianna Huffington 1 Beth Comstock @bethcomstock 2 Richard Branson 1 Richard Branson @richardbranson 3 Beth Comstock 2 Arianna Huffington @ariannahuff 4 Jack Welch 3 Karen Quintos @KarenDellCMO 5 Jeff Weiner 3 Stuart Elliott @stuartenyt Who Do Influential CMOs Follow? Business leaders Arianna Huffington and Richard Branson are the two voices CMOs listen to most in social media, ranking on both Twitter and LinkedIn as the most-followed accounts by the most influential CMOs. Very notably, the influencer most 6 Meg Whitman 4 Jon Iwata @coastw 6 Bill Gates 4 Elon Musk @elonmusk 7 Barack Obama 4 Jonathan Becher @jbecher 7 Deepak Chopra MD 4 Jenny Rooney @jenny_rooney 8 Tim Brown 4 Jim Stengel @JimStengel influential among her peers is GE’s Beth Comstock. Not only does she rank #5 in overall influence, but she also appears on slot #3 on LinkedIn and #1 on Twitter. Two other top 50 CMOs also appear on the Twitter list including Karen Quintos of Dell, who ranks at #32 on the list, and Jon Iwata of IBM, who appears at #39. 9 Guy Kawasaki 4 Mark Addicks @MarkAddicks 9 Angela Ahrendts 4 Seth Farbman @sethfarbman 9 David Edelman 4 Tim Cook @tim_cook These rankings were pulled from publiclyavailable data on who the 50 most influential CMOs follow on both LinkedIn and Twitter. 17

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Profiles of Most Influential CMOs

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Phil Schiller #1 Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Apple Profile What/Who they follow in common with other top CMOs Phil Schiller is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and # of Top CMOs also following Twitter Handle Name @nytimes New York Times 15 @WSJ Wall Street Journal 13 live events, often as the presenter of new products or updated versions @richardbranson Richard Branson 11 of the iPhone and iPad. He has loyally served Apple for 20 years. @cnnbrk CNN Breaking News 9 @WIRED Wired 9 is an important member of Apple’s Executive Leadership Team. Schiller helped create and market Apple’s trademark computers, smartphones, and subsequent mobile devices. Schiller assisted former CEO, Steve Jobs, and supports incumbent CEO, Tim Cook, during Apple’s popular Education: Boston College 19

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Kevin #2 Hochman Chief Marketing Officer, KFC US Yum! Brands Profile What/Who they follow in common with other top CMOs* Kevin Hochman is Chief Marketing Officer, KFC US at Yum! Brands. # of Top CMOs also following Twitter Handle Name @adage Ad Age 19 @McIlroyRory Rory Mcilroy, Golfer 5 Director, and Associate Marketing Director. Hochman is an alumnus of @TigerWoods Tiger Woods, Golfer 5 the University of Pennsylvania and earned diplomas in mass communi- @Nike Nike 4 cations, economics, and finance. @TheEllenShow Ellen DeGeneres 4 Hochman is responsible for brand strategy and is the driving force behind a new marketing campaign. He joined Yum-owned KFC in 2014 after nearly two decades working at Procter & Gamble where he served in various roles such as North America Line Business Leader, Marketing Education: University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School * Based on non-verified Twitter account 20

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Kevin #3 Crull Chief Marketing Officer Sprint Profile What/Who they follow in common with other top CMOs* Kevin Crull joined Sprint as Chief Marketing Officer on May 31, 2015. # of Top CMOs also following leader in the telecommunications industry. He arrived at Sprint with 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, and operations, including a five year stint as Chief Operating Officer at Bell Media. Name @WSJ Wall Street Journal 13 @tim_cook Tim Cook, Apple 8 @TheDailyShow The Daily Show 6 The Onion 4 @JohnLegere customers and improve the company’s reputation as an innovative Twitter Handle @TheOnion Crull joined Sprint’s leadership team with a mandate to attract new John Legere, T-Mobile 3 Education: The Ohio State University University of San Francisco - School of Management * Based on non-verified Twitter account 21

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Olivier #4 François Chief Marketing Officer and Head of the Fiat brand Fiat Chrysler Profile Olivier Francois is Chief Marketing Officer and Head of the Fiat brand and has been a member of the company’s Group Executive Council since September 1, 2011. His responsibilities include creating and executing marketing strategies, brand development, and advertising for the various brands within the Fiat Chrysler organization. Francois is an alumnus of Dauphine University where he acquired a degree in economy, finance, and marketing. He also earned a diploma at the Institute des Sciences Politiques (IEP) in his native Paris, France. Education: Dauphine University IEP (Institute des Sciences Politiques) 22

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Beth #5 Comstock Vice Chair General Electric Profile What/Who they follow in common with other top CMOs Beth Comstock served as GE’s chief marketing and commercial officer # of Top CMOs also following Twitter Handle Name @adage Ad Age 19 @FastCompany Fast Company 11 Universal since 2006. She is currently involved in clean-energy, industrial @richardbranson Richard Branson 11 internet, and affordable health offerings while establishing partnerships @ariannahuff Arianna Huffington 10 that enhance the GE culture and brand. @KarenDellCMO Karen Quintos, Dell 9 from 2008 until August 2015 when she was named Vice Chair. Comstock leads GE’s newly formed Business Innovations division and concentrates her department’s efforts on accelerating growth as well as increasing brand value. She also served as President of Integrated Media at NBC Education: William & Mary 23

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Scott #6 Moffitt Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Nintendo of America Profile Scott Moffitt is Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo of America. Moffitt is recognized as a decisive leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, who delivers outstanding results managing high-performing teams in competitive situations. He is responsible for managing Nintendo’s $6 billion hardware and software gaming business in North and South America. Education: Arizona State University - W. P. Carey School of Business Northwestern University 24

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Geoff #7 Morrell Senior Vice President and Head of US Communications and External Affairs BP America Inc. Profile What/Who they follow in common with other top CMOs* Geoff Morrell has been Senior Vice President and Head of US Communi- # of Top CMOs also following Twitter Handle Name @nytimes New York Times 15 @WSJ Wall Street Journal 13 University graduate and received his Masters degree in Journalism at @cnnbrk CNN Breaking News 9 Columbia University. @TheEconomist The Economist 8 @BarackObama Barack Obama 7 cations and External Affairs at BP since September 2013. He was previously the Head of Communications for United States at BP America Inc. for two years beginning in 2011. Prior to joining BP, Morrell spent 7 years as a White House correspondent for ABC News. He is a Georgetown Education: Georgetown University * Based on non-verified Twitter account 25

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Martine #8 Reardon Chief Marketing Officer Macy’s Profile What/Who they follow in common with other top CMOs* Martine Reardon has been Macy’s Chief Marketing Officer since February # of Top CMOs also following Twitter Handle Name @nytimes New York Times 15 @cnnbrk CNN Breaking News 9 November. She is a leading figure on Macy’s Executive Committee and is @BarackObama Barack Obama 7 a board member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. @TEDTalks TED Talks 7 @CNN CNN 6 2012 following a three year period as Executive Vice President of Marketing and two years as EVP of National Marketing Strategy, Events and Public Relations. Reardon leads Macy’s multifaceted approach to marketing and also helms Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade every Education: St. Francis College in Brooklyn * Based on non-verified Twitter account 26

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Keith #9 Weed Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Unilever Profile What/Who they follow in common with other top CMOs Keith Weed is Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever and is an integral member of the Unilever Executive Team. He is responsible for Unilever’s Marketing, Communications, and Sustainable Business operations. Weed has a mandate to accelerate business growth while reducing Unilever’s environmental footprint. He is the driving force behind the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. # of Top CMOs also following Twitter Handle Name @adage Ad Age 19 @nytimes New York Times 15 @WSJ Wall Street Journal 13 @Adweek Adweek 12 @bethcomstock Beth Comstock, GE 11 Education: University of Liverpool 27

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Alain #10 Visser Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Volvo Profile Alain Visser has served as Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service at Volvo since assuming the position in 2013. He joined Volvo in September 2012 as Vice President Sales Operations within Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. Visser built a career in the automotive industry with previous roles at Ford, General Motors, and Opel/Vauxhall prior to joining Volvo. Visser earned a Masters of Science at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, and is also an alumnus from Duke University. Education: University of Antwerp in Belgium Duke University 28

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Profiles of Influential CMOs 29 Tony Pace Alan Gershenhorn Subway – chief marketing officer (formerly) UPS – executive vice president and chief commercial officer #11 Profile #12 Profile Tony Pace served as Chief Marketing Officer from 2012 until parting Alan Gershenhorn is the Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial ways with the company in September 2015. Prior to assuming the role of Officer at UPS. He directs marketing, sales, product development, CMO for the global brand, Pace was CMO of Subway’s Advertising fund customer experience management, and growth strategies across the for six years. Subway diversified its marketing campaigns under Pace’s organization. Gershenhorn has been with UPS for 34 years and is a vital vision, which included a branded content video series about Subway’s part of the company’s massive development into a $50b+ global supply teenage employees. He now runs his own marketing consultancy called chain organization. He is a Board Director of the UPS Foundation and is also Cerebral Graffiti. a member of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs David Kroll Andrew Nocella MillerCoors – chief marketing officer 30 American Airlines – chief marketing officer #13 Profile #14 Profile David Kroll became Chief Marketing Officer of MillerCoors in July 2015 Andrew Nocella was appointed as Chief Marketing Officer at American after serving as Vice President of Innovation at MillerCoors for three Airlines when the airline merged with US Airways in December 2013. years. He oversees the company’s efforts in brand marketing, innovation, Nocella is responsible for overseeing the airline’s loyalty programs, insights, media, and event marketing. Kroll is recognized as an entrepre- alliances, marketing, scheduling, and digital communication channels. neurial leader with a passion for developing high performance teams He previously served as Vice President of Scheduling and Planning at that can accelerate growth. He has a 20+ year career in marketing and US Airways and served in a similar capacity at America West Airlines as operations, which includes leadership positions with Dyson, Unilever, Vice President, Route Planning and Scheduling. Wrigley, Procter & Gamble, and Cargill.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Jérôme Stoll Andrew Sherrard Renault – executive vice president, chief performance officer, sales and marketing 31 T-Mobile – chief marketing officer #15 Profile #16 Profile Jerome Stoll was appointed as Executive Vice President, Chief Perfor- Andrew Sherrard became Chief Marketing Officer of T-Mobile in mance Officer, Sales and Marketing at Renault in September of 2013. February 2015 and previously served as Senior Vice President, T-Mobile In July 2014, he also became Chairman of Renault Sport F1. Stoll origi- Marketing beginning in December 2012. Sherrard is credited with nally joined Renault in 1980 and held various positions within the parent building teams and organizations that thrive under strong leadership. company and its subsidiaries. Stoll previously served as Mercosur He joined T-Mobile in 2003 as the Director of Marketing, and created Director beginning in 2006, and was President and CEO of Renault compelling marketing strategies that identified consumer needs and Samsung Motors when the French automaker assumed majority addressed business objectives. ownership of Samsung Motors in 2000.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs David Christopher Dorothy Dowling AT&T Mobility – chief marketing officer 32 Best Western International – senior vice president, marketing and sales #17 Profile #18 Profile David Christopher is Chief Marketing Officer at AT&T Mobility and has Dorothy Dowling is Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales for served in the position since 2004. Christopher was also Vice President Best Western International. Dowling joined the company in 2004 and of Product Management from 2004 until 2007 when the company was quickly implemented strategies to modernize the Best Western brand previously known as Cingular Wireless. Christopher is responsible for and increase the hotel chain’s market share. In 2013 Dowling was promoting the company’s wireless products and services, smartphones, named Vice President of the Global Business Travel Association Allied tablets, and cloud products. He oversees the AT&T Developer Program Leadership Council and also serves on the HSMAI Americas Board of while also managing marketing and advertising for AT&T Digital Life, Directors. She previously served as Vice President of Marketing, Sports, Cricket Wireless, and GoPhone. and Entertainment at ARAMARK from 2002 until 2004, and earned a Master of Arts in Sociology and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs David Lauren Brian Smith Ralph Lauren Corporation – executive vice president of global advertising, marketing, and corporate communications 33 Lexus – vice president of marketing #19 Profile #20 Profile David Lauren is Executive Vice President of Global Advertising, Marketing, Brian Smith has been Vice President of Marketing at Lexus since acquiring and Corporate Communications at Ralph Lauren Corporation and also the position in August 2011. Prior to the role of VP, Smith served as Vice sits on the Board of Directors. Lauren manages the company’s global President, Sales and Dealer Development at Lexus for five years. Smith marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, and fashion communica- joined Toyota Motor Sales in 1982 and became an integral member of the tions. He joined the company as Chief Creative and Marketing Officer in luxury division of Lexus in 2004. He manages all marketing, engagement 2000 and was instrumental in the development and launch of ralphlauren. and product marketing development for Lexus, including interactive and com, one of the first e-commerce sites in the luxury industry. Lauren is digital marketing strategies. Smith also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree an active philanthropist on the Board of Trustees for the Ralph Lauren in psychology from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Center for Cancer Care and Prevention in Harlem, and also as President California. of the Ralph Lauren Polo Foundation.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs 34 John Frascotti Dana Anderson Hasbro – president of brands Mondelēz International – senior vice president and chief marketing officer #21 Profile #22 Profile John Frascotti became President of Hasbro Brands in October 2014. He Dana Anderson became Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing previously served as Chief Marketing Officer for nearly 7 years, and led Officer at Mondelēz International in September 2014. She previously efforts to transform Hasbro from a traditional toy manufacturer into a served as Senior Vice President of Marketing at Kraft Foods, and powerful global organization. Before joining Hasbro, Frascotti was Senior retained the position during her first two years at the renamed Mondelēz Vice President of the Sports Division at Reebok International Ltd. from International. Anderson has over 25 years of experience in advertising 2005 until 2008. In January 2015, Frascotti joined the Board of Directors and has been honored multiple times for her many accomplishments in of Discovery Family Channel and also joined the Board of Directors of the industry. In 2001 Anderson was named “Advertising Woman of the Backflip Studios. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Yale Year” by the Chicago Advertising Foundation and was recognized as one University and also graduated law school at Harvard University. of the “100 Most Influential Women In Advertising” by Ad Age in 2012.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Ram Krishnan Jamie Moldafsky Frito-Lay North America – senior vice president and chief marketing officer 35 Wells Fargo – chief marketing officer #23 Profile #24 Profile Ram Krishnan is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Jamie Moldafsky became Chief Marketing Officer at Wells Fargo in Frito-Lay North America (FLNA). Krishnan leads the company’s marketing October 2011 and previously served as Executive Vice President of practices, including brand strategy, advertising, consumer insights, Wells Fargo Bank for six years. Moldafsky manages the development and and innovation. He previously served as Senior Vice President, Brand execution of corporate marketing strategies including advertising, direct Marketing for Frito-Lay and held various leadership positions since marketing, market research, brand positioning, social media, and events beginning his career with parent company PepsiCo in 2006. Krishnan marketing. Moldafsky brings over 20 years of experience to Wells Fargo, was also employed by Cadillac and helped establish the Cadillac brand including leadership roles with Whirlpool Corporation, Charles Schwab, as a culturally significant symbol. He holds an MBA from the University of and American Express. She is also Chair of the Marketing Committee of Michigan with a Master’s Degree in Engineering. the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco and is a member of the board of The Ad Council.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Michael Sprague Clive Sirkin Kia Motors America – chief operating officer and executive vice president 36 Kimberly-Clark – chief marketing officer #25 Profile #26 Profile Michael Sprague became Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice Clive Sirkin became Chief Marketing Officer of Kimberly-Clark in March President of Kia Motors America in April 2015. Sprague has over 18 2013 and leads marketing initiatives to establish a sustainably profitable years of experience and is the primary point of contact for Kia’s sales, brand. Sirkin previously served as Vice President of Global Integrated marketing, service, and product planning operations. He is an award Marketing Communications from 2007 until 2013. He is credited as winning global C-suite executive with a reputation as a respected leader a forward thinking digital marketer and helped launch the K-C Trading among customers, peers, and Kia employees. Sprague was previously Desk, which uses data technology for advanced targeting and real-time Kia’s Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing for approximately 18 optimization. Sirkin is also a Director of the Advertising Council Inc., a months and was Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communica- position he has maintained since July 2012. tions for the previous five and a half years when he oversaw the launch of 20 new vehicles.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Eric Liedtke Clarence Gooden Adidas – head of global brands 37 CSX Corporation – president #27 Profile #28 Profile Eric Liedtke serves on the adidas Executive Board as Head of Global Clarence Gooden became President of CSX Corporation in September Brands, and was previously Senior Vice President, adidas Sport Perfor- 2015 and is responsible for overseeing Sales and Marketing and mance beginning in 2011. Liedtke’s responsibilities include the devel- Operations. Prior to his role as President, Gooden served as Executive opment and promotion of all adidas sports categories. His primary duties Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer from 2004 to are to manage communications, public relations, and market research. September 2015. He has over 40 years of sales, marketing, and opera- Liedtke has a 20 year career at adidas, including 9 years served as Senior tions experience and held leadership positions within the company’s Vice President Brand Marketing prior to assuming his current role. intermodal, merchandise, and energy markets teams. Gooden was also Vice President, Network Operations among other leadership positions within the company.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Ken Chaplin Ann Glover TransUnion – senior vice president and chief marketing officer 38 Voya Financial – chief marketing officer #29 Profile #30 Profile Ken Chaplin is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Ann Glover is Chief Marketing Officer for Voya Financial and manages the TransUnion. He is a capable business leader with 20+ years of experience company’s strategic marketing portfolio. Glover oversees brand devel- in global brand management, brand architecture, and strategic devel- opment, advertising, social media, data analytics, consumer insights, opment. Before joining TransUnion in 2014, Chaplin spent three years and business marketing. She was Senior Vice President of Corporate as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Experian and Relations and Chief Marketing Officer at The Hartford Financial Services served as Vice President, Global Marketing at Crocs for nearly four years Group Inc. for seven years prior to joining ING in 2008, prior to the prior to his time at Experian. He is a creative, thoughtful, and effective rebranding. Glover is also involved in the nonprofit sector, having served business leader who has optimized existing brands in the US, Europe, on the Board of Directors of the Greater Hartford YMCA and St. Michael’s Asia, and Australia. College in Vermont, which is where she acquired her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs 39 Patrice Bula Karen Quintos Nestlé S.A. – executive vice president Dell – senior vice president and chief marketing officer #31 Profile #32 Profile Patrice Bula is a Member of the Executive Board at Nestlé S.A., and has Karen Quintos has been Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer been Executive Vice President Nestlé S.A., responsible for the Strategic at Dell for over five years since assuming the title in September 2010. Business Units, Marketing, Sales and Nespresso since May 2011. Bula Her primary responsibilities include brand strategy, global communica- has held the position of Market Head - Nestlé in multiple locations. He tions, customer events, social media, customer insights, and marketing was Market Head in Germany from 2003 until 2007 and retained the role talent development - enabling sales teams and increasing demand for in the Greater China Region from 2007 until 2011. Bula serves on the the Dell brand. Quintos was Vice President, Global Public Marketing prior Board of Directors of multiple companies including Schindler Holding to becoming CMO and held several senior titles at Dell since arriving at AG, Beverage Partners Worldwide S.A., Yinlu Food Group Companies, the company in 2000. She worked at Citigroup as Vice President, Opera- and Hsu Fu Chi Group Companies. tions and Technology for nearly three years prior to joining Dell. Quintos is also the Executive Sponsor of Dell’s largest networking group, Women in Search of Excellence (WISE).

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Russell Wager Raja Rajamannar Mazda – vice president of marketing, North American operations 40 MasterCard Worldwide – chief marketing officer #33 Profile #34 Profile Russell Wager has been Vice President, Marketing at Mazda North Raja Rajamannar became Chief Marketing Officer at MasterCard American Operations since October 2012. He is responsible for all Worldwide in 2013. Rajamannar manages global advertising, sponsor- marketing communications for Mazda’s US operations, including adver- ships, promotions, insights, and digital and consumer marketing tising, social media, website optimization, public relations, trade shows, campaigns associated with the MasterCard brand. Prior to joining and aspects of retail operations. Wager has more than 20 years of MasterCard, Rajamannar worked as Executive Vice President and Chief marketing communications experience in the automotive industry and Transformation Officer at Wellpoint, Inc. Rajamannar is a proven leader previously held senior positions in the Asia-Pacific region at TBWA/ in the global payments industry and led marketing initiatives in markets Hakuhodo International and DDB Advertising. as diverse as India, Dubai, London, and New York. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, India and also holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Chemical Engineering from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Ola Källenius Jeff Lucas Daimler AG – Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG Mercedes – Benz Cars Marketing & Sales 41 Viacom – head of sales and marketing #35 Profile #36 Profile Ola Källenius became a Member of Board of Management at Daimler AG Jeff Lucas was named Head of Sales and Marketing at Viacom in March in January 2015 and oversees Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing and Sales. 2015. Before assuming his current role, Lucas served as Head of Sales Källenius is a self-confessed “car guy” with 20+ years of experience for Music and Entertainment Groups with the responsibility of managing working for the Mercedes brand. He also holds two Masters degrees in advertising sales and integrated marketing for entertainment channels International Management and Finance and Accounting, which he earned MTV, VH1, and similar platforms. Lucas was Executive Vice President, at the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden and the University of Advertising, Sales & Marketing for MTV Networks Entertainment Group St. Gallan in Switzerland, respectively. for five years in New York where he managed advertising, sales and integrated marketing campaigns. He was also President and Head of Sales, Marketing, and Cross Platform Initiatives for NBCU Cable Group for three years prior to joining Viacom.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs David Doctorow Dean Evans Expedia – chief marketing and strategy officer 42 Hyundai Motor America – chief marketing officer #37 Profile #38 Profile David Doctorow is Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Expedia. Dean Evans was appointed Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor Doctorow is an accredited leader in marketing, business development, America in August 2015 and oversees all marketing and advertising and strategic management with a track record of building high-perfor- activities for the automaker in the United States. Evans arrived at Hyundai mance teams that deliver results. He led Expedia into a partnership with after serving as Chief Marketing Officer for Subaru of America. He has National Purchasing Partners, which allows small business owners to over 25 years of professional experience in the automotive industry and pool their resources together and collectively save money on travel was an important executive for several automotive digital marketing rates. Prior to joining Expedia, Doctorow spent four years as Associate start-ups, including time served as CEO of LotLinx Inc.; Vice President of Principal, Marketing & Sales Practice at McKinsey & Company. He Marketing of Dealer.com, and Vice President of Marketing of Dealix.com. earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations at the University He is commended by colleagues as an inspiring leader with a proven of Pennsylvania and also acquired an MBA at the Stanford Graduate track record of delivering results. School of Business.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs 43 Jon Iwata Peter Horst IBM – senior vice president, marketing and communications The Hershey Company – senior vice president, chief marketing officer #39 Profile #40 Profile Jon Iwata became Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communica- Peter Horst became Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer tions at IBM in July 2008 and has managed the company’s marketing, at The Hershey Company in July 2015. Horst was added to Hershey’s communications, and citizenship organization prospects for the past Global Leadership Team to oversee the company’s global retail network seven years. Iwata oversees a global team of product and marketing and innovate the Hershey brand. He joined Hershey after spending specialists who are responsible for establishing the IBM brand as one of 12 years with Capital One Financial and he was Senior Vice President, the most valuable in the world. Iwata joined IBM in 1984 and has previ- Brand Marketing at Capital One Financial when he parted ways with the ously served as Senior Vice President, Communications from 2002 company. Horst has nearly 30 years of marketing experience in industries until 2008. He is also a member of IBM’s Operating Team, IBM’s Client as diverse as consumer packaged goods, financial services, and digital Experience Team, and also serves as Vice Chairman of the IBM Interna- security. He earned an M.B.A in Marketing and General Management tional Foundation. from Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business in New Hampshire, and also acquired a Bachelor of Arts in History and Literature at Harvard.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Loren Angelo Andrea Riley Audi of America – director of marketing 44 Ally Financial – chief marketing officer #41 Profile #42 Profile Loren Angelo is Director of Marketing at Audi of America, responsible Andrea Riley was named Chief Marketing Officer at Ally Financial in May for expanding the Audi brand across the United States and managing 2015. Prior to assuming her current position, Riley was Chief Marketing domestic advertising strategies. Angelo was previously General Officer at Ally’s Dealer Financial Services business and was respon- Manager, Brand Marketing beginning in 2010, and served as Commu- sible for all advertising and marketing solutions. She arrived at Ally in nications and Advertising Manager upon joining Audi in 2008. Under 2006 after serving as Executive Vice President and Account Director at Angelo’s leadership, Audi developed into an influential brand across the Campbell-Ewald Advertising where she managed multiple advertising United States. He also negotiated product marketing relationships with campaigns, including Chevrolet’s iconic Heartbeat of America campaign. managers of the Super Bowl, the Emmys, and the Iron Man film franchise. Riley is an inducted member of the Advertising Hall of Achievement and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs 45 Syl Saller Steve Fund Diageo Plc – chief marketing officer Intel Corporation – chief marketing officer and corporate vice president #43 Profile ® #44 Profile Syl Saller became Chief Marketing Officer at Diageo Plc in July 2013 Steve Fund became Chief Marketing Officer and Corporate Vice and is also a member of Diageo’s Executive Committee. She oversees President of Intel Corporation in 2014. He oversees a broad portfolio of the company’s global marketing campaigns including innovative strat- Intel marketing campaigns that includes the global marketing strategy, egies and designs, and is also responsible for the global expansion of brand positioning, partner marketing, digital marketing, social media, the Diageo Reserve luxury brand. Prior to becoming CMO, Saller served and global communications. Fund arrived at Intel after serving nearly 4 as Global Innovation Director and managed the development, launch, years as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Staples and his and licensing of new products under the Diageo brand. She is a Harvard professional portfolio includes 20 years of experience as a leader within Business School alumnus and holds an MBA. several of the world’s largest brands. Fund is a graduate of New York University’s Stern School of Business.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Leontyne Green Sykes Jeffrey Jones IKEA North America – chief marketing officer 46 Target – EVP and chief marketing officer #45 Profile #46 Profile Leontyne Green Sykes is Chief Marketing Officer at IKEA North America Jeffrey Jones is Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer and is responsible for managing all domestic marketing operations, at Target and is also a member of the company’s executive leadership including retail customer interaction. Sykes joined IKEA in 2006 and team. Jones oversees Target’s corporate communications and public has held various positions of leadership within the company, including relations, brand and category marketing, enterprise loyalty, advertising, US Marketing Manager and Regional Marketing Manager. Prior to joining media, and all other marketing operations. He also founded and leads the IKEA, she was Marketing Manager at McNeil Consumer & Specialty Guest Center of Excellence, a program designed to help Target promote Pharmaceuticals. Sykes attended Clark Atlanta University where she an empathetic reputation towards all customers. Prior to joining Target, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Arts: Public Relations and later Jones was Partner and President of McKinney before the advertising acquired an MBA in Marketing. agency was acquired by Korea-based Cheil Worldwide.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs 47 Tom Peyton Stephanie Linnartz American Honda Motor Company – assistant vice president, advertising and marketing Marriott International Inc – executive vice president and chief marketing and commercial officer #47 Profile #48 Profile Tom Peyton is Assistant Vice President, Advertising and Marketing Stephanie Linnartz has been Executive Vice President and Chief at American Honda Motor Company. Peyton directs domestic adver- Marketing and Commercial Officer at Marriott International Inc. since tising for the Honda and Acura brands, which requires managing brand April 2013. Her reputation is that of a strategic leader with 20+ years strategy, media, and event marketing. He joined Honda in 2001 as the of experience working within large, complex hospitality organizations. Senior Manager of Market Support and managed multiple sales and Linnartz has held many senior management roles since arriving at marketing channels, including sales promotion, sales training, and Marriott in 1997 and previously worked for the Hilton Hotels Corporation, special marketing promotions. Prior to joining Honda, Peyton worked working primarily out of Honolulu and Washington D.C. She earned her with DaimlerChrysler under the Chrysler Group and was Senior Manager, Masters Degree in Business Administration at the College of William & Interactive Marketing when he left the company for Honda. Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia and earned an additional graduate degree at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Development in Bergen, Norway.

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Profiles of Influential CMOs Ann Simonds Antonio Lucio General Mills – chief marketing officer 48 HP – chief marketing and communications officer #49 Profile #50 Profile Ann Simonds became Chief Marketing Officer at General Mills in Antonio Lucio became Global Chief Marketing & Communications Officer November 2014. She is responsible for managing the company’s at HP Inc. in May 2015. He is responsible for managing the company’s marketing activities and also heads GCom, General Mills’ Marketing marketing operations, including branding, product lead generation, Communications division. Simonds has a 20+ year career working at event marketing, and global communications. Lucio became Global General Mills, providing tactical leadership in managing brands such CMO at HP following a two year service as Global CMO at Visa where as Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Wheaties, and Yoplait. Her philanthropic he assisted with the foundation of Visa’s global positioning and brand leadership style led to the establishment of the “Cheerios Cheer on identity system. Lucio has 25+ years of global marketing experience and Reading” literacy program, and the “Bake the Change” program powered earned a B.A. in history at Louisiana State University. by Betty Crocker. Simonds is also an active member of the General Mills fundraising community.

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Methodology Methodology Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the behavior of someone else. That’s a powerful capability, particularly in a world where media is ubiquitous and nearly everyone can repeat or amplify an idea. ScribbleLive measures influence as it is demonstrated in public news, articles, blogs, discussions, and social media. We apply patented natural language processing algorithms to first extract opinions that have been publicly shared, then determine who held that opinion, and finally calculate an influence score based on the reaction each opinion elicits. What is an Influencer? An influencer is a person that expresses contextually relevant opinions on a specific topic, which elicit meaningful reactions from others. The kinds of reactions we measure include quotes, refer- Acknowledgements: ences, comments, and retweets. Someone can share opinions Acknowledgements: Thanks are due to LinkedIn’s frequently, and have those opinions reach large audiences, and yet Liz Blickley, senior insights analyst and Jason Leigh, not be considered influential if their opinions on a specific topic fail director of insights, global marketing solutions; to generate meaningful reactions. We only measure the ability to Research Analyst Rebecca Lieb; ScribbleLive’s Kristin garner meaningful reactions. Berry and Lucas Espin. Illustrations by Studio Nippoldt. 49

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