How to Embrace Complaints and Turn Them Into Something Good

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@JayBaer Hug Your Haters

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@JayBaer @JayBaer

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@JayBaer Not answering complaints decreases customer advocacy

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@JayBaer answering complaints Increases customer advocacy

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@JayBaer Haters are not your problem… ignoring them is

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@JayBaer Every Complaint Every Channel Every Time

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@JayBaer $500 billion on marketing $9 billion on customer service

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@JayBaer a 5% increase in retention increases profit 25-85%

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@JayBaer customer service is the new marketing

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@JayBaer by 2020, customer experience will be more important than price

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@JayBaer HUGGING YOUR HATERS makes you a better company

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@JayBaer haters are the canary in the coal mine

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@JayBaer 95% of customers never take the time to complain

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@JayBaer haters are the unelected represEntatives of the “meh middle”

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@JayBaer Haters are not your problem… ignoring them is

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@JayBaer offstage haters want an answer

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@JayBaer 9 out of 10 offstage haters expect a reply

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@JayBaer 34% onstage offstage 66%

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@JayBaer U.K. social media complaints increased 800% in 15 months

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@JayBaer onstage haters want an audience

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@JayBaer fewer than half of onstage haters expect a reply

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@JayBaer blow their minds and win their hearts

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@JayBaer Hug Your Haters ps i t

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@JayBaer recognize, then Empathize

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@JayBaer obey The rule of reply twice

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@JayBaer BE FAST everywhere

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@JayBaer 40% of social media haters expect a reply within one hour

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@JayBaer businesses take an average of 44 hours to reply to an email

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@JayBaer speed of resolution is the most important factor in phone customer service satisfaction

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Stories Data Poster! Step-by-Step hugyourhaters.com

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@JayBaer Haters are not your problem… ignoring them is

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@JayBaer 80% of companies say they deliver exceptional customer service

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@JayBaer 8% of their customers agree

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@JayBaer be different… out-hug your competition

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@JayBaer Every Complaint Every Channel Every Time

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@JayBaer Hug Your Haters

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