Simple and Effective Employee Engagement Ideas

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Simple & Effective Employee Engagement Ideas

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For New Employees Perfect On-boarding Process Help new employees by having a laid-out plan and schedule.

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For New Employees Assign the Newcomer a ‘Buddy’ Help the newcomer get adjusted really quickly with the help of a ‘Buddy’.

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For New Employees Gather and Celebrate Get the team together to welcome the newcomer over a tea time session in the office.

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Employee Engagement at Work Speak Your Mind Remind employees of the company’s “open-door” policy.

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Employee Engagement at Work Reward Employees for a Job Well Done Reward those who do a good job at a project they have been struggling with.

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Employee Engagement at Work Healthy Lunches and Snacks Organise lunch with colleagues by bonding with each other than just through work.

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Employee Engagement at Work Allow Flexibility Accommodate flexible shifts or office hours and provide employees the flexibility they deserve.

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Employee Engagement at Work Be Casual Go casual by going on a first name basis.

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Employee Engagement at Work Casual Dress Day Have one casual dress day a week, best on a Friday.

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Employee Engagement at Work Cultivate ‘Fun’ at Work Incorporate fun at work to increase engagement level and productivity within your organisation.

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Employee Engagement at Work Celebrate Your Employee Celebrate events like birthdays, work anniversaries or major achievements.

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Employee Engagement at Work Plan Employee Engagement Activities Employee engagement activities are a great way to keep your employees engaged.

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Employee Engagement at Work Internal Hire FIRST Encourages the personal growth of employees.

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Employee Engagement after Work After Hour Sessions Organise happy hour at the end of the workweek to encourage team bonding.

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Employee Engagement after Work Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Get together for some team building activities.

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Employee Engagement after Work Encourage Learning Support employees by getting them to learn new things, develop or improve their skills.

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Employee Engagement after Work Employee Awards Organise a small award ceremony, highlighting and acknowledging those who have done so much for the company.

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