HR Unscrambled #CIPD15

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HR Unscrambled #CIPD15 Notes, queries, questions and reflections from conversations on the future of HR, hosted by Meg Peppin and Doug Shaw at the 2015 CIPD Conference in Manchester.

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Each group were invited to share what topics were on their mind, and then to create a question for discussion. These were the questions: How can we influence wellness? How can we drive analytics? Is engagement just about doing the right thing? If we started again, would we invent HR? The following slides contain the essence of the conversations which flowed from these questions.

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Wellness Relationships Happiness : better performance, productivity What’s the big driver? Management : relationships, leadership Optimum performance curve/point Start by ASKING the staff HUMAN resource – support – or drive? What’s the big driver for wellness? ALL OF IT.

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Is Employee Engagement just about doing the right thing? Work on developing loyalty Involve people in activities Hire people in teams who will get on together Ask people why they stay! Don’t be afraid of answers! People’s motivations are all different – treat people as individuals Don’t rely on analytics, speak to understand Flexible working

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If HR didn’t exist – would we invent it? Part 1 Blank sheet – look at what’s needed When it’s so obvious, why does nothing change? Identity vs authenticity We hire people who are really good and then confine them with tasks Uber HR Where are we going, and what do we need to get there?

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Would you invent or reinvent HR? – Part 2 Outsider perspective vs insider perspective Would accountants even ASK this question? (No!) Role has evolved to cover the inadequacies of others If accountants are confident to demand that HR fill their deficit then (thinking on analytics) why aren’t HR confident to demand reverse in terms of their deficit? HR practitioners as chameleons!

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HR Analytics What questions do we ask? Understand the context Right people – right data Collaboration with data holders Piece by piece approach

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Sometimes, when it comes to return on investment, it feels like we’re expected to do this!

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Curious and Creative Facilitation Meg Peppin Doug Shaw Twitter: @OD_Optimist Web: www.mppartnership.co.uk Twitter: @dougshaw1 Web: www.wgalimited.com