Rethink Employee Communications: Adapting to the Digital Age

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#DySiWebinar RETHINK EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS: ADAPTING TO THE DIGITAL AGE Ami Chitwood Sr. Manager, Social Media at Deloitte Services, LP @achitwood Lisa Braziel VP of Strategy at Ignite Social Media @lisa_braziel Michael Brito Head of Social Media at W2O Group @britopian

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The Current State of Employee Communications Traditional forms of employee communications are proving ineffective today 74% 66% of employees feel that they’re missing out on company information and news of employees are NOT engaged at their current jobs Sources: Mindshare, Gallup @achitwood @lisa_braziel @britopian #DySiWebinar

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The Importance of an Informed and Engaged Employee Companies with engaged employees outperform others by 202% Disconnected and disengaged employees will not become brand advocates K E Y T A K E A W A Y Sources: Gallup @achitwood @lisa_braziel @britopian #DySiWebinar

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The Evolution of Employee Communications 55% of employees say a mobile application would help them be more informed and engaged with their company. MOBILE and SOCIAL are critical to effective employee communications & advocacy K E Y T A K E A W A Y Sources: Mindshare @achitwood @lisa_braziel @britopian #DySiWebinar

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Inspiring Advocacy from the Inside Out Informed + Engaged Employees = More Productive Employees That WANT to Share Company Content 66% of employees believe that they are already an advocate for their company @achitwood Sources: Mindshare @lisa_braziel @britopian #DySiWebinar

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Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Begin WHAT WHY HOW content do you want employees to share? content currently exists versus needs to be created? involvement can employees have in crafting messages about your brand? would employees want to be a part of spreading your messages? §  §  §  Is your brand story compelling enough to share? Does it communicate something about them? Is the message believable and authentic? will you encourage ongoing involvement from employees? @achitwood @lisa_braziel @britopian #DySiWebinar

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Drive Thought Leadership Through Employee Activation “Our objective is to motivate our employees to share the content we’ve worked so hard to create, making them a part of our marketing strategy.” @achitwood @lisa_braziel @britopian #DySiWebinar

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Focus on Simplicity from the Beginning Deloitte Services, LP •  •  •  •  •  Start with small group of early adopters Involve stakeholders as soon as possible Establish clear goals for the pilot phase Define how you will measure success Have leadership champion the pilot “Our goal was to make it easier for Deloitte practitioners to share our content, and minimize the risk in the eyes of leadership.” @achitwood @lisa_braziel @britopian #DySiWebinar

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Create New Business & Extend the Brand Voice §  Launched #W2OVoices in Sep. 2015 §  Working on building a content engine internally §  Segmented by agency and practice area §  Requires creative & content support on back end “For the first time, it’s now possible to scale Employee Advocacy with the right technology in place.” @achitwood @lisa_braziel @britopian #DySiWebinar

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Key Takeaways & Learnings Allow your workforce to be brand advocates by rethinking communications both internally and externally. Help employees be more informed and engaged with digital-age communications they already use in their personal lives. Focus on social & mobile as they are critical in the execution of a successful Employee Advocacy program. @achitwood @lisa_braziel @britopian #DySiWebinar

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The Most Rewarding Employee Experience #DySiWebinar

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Enterprise Grade Technology for Global Scale ü  Personalized ü  Automated ü  Targeted ü  Member management ü  Advanced scheduling ü  Insights & analytics #DySiWebinar

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