Sunny with a Chance of Innovation: A How-To for Product Managers and Designers

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Sunny with a Chance of Innovat ion #FOWD San Francisco 2015

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Audrey An Alexa Roman @audreybeans @calexity

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#FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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Why are we talking about innovat ion? #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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Source: Seattle Times

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we think of it like weather #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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#FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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fight corporate ant ibodies! #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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introducing new methods or solut ions into an established space with a #FOWD measurable impact. @audreybeans @calexity

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How can product managers and designers innovate? #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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#FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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goals and constraints #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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product managers #FOWD @audreybeans Designers @calexity

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product managers #FOWD @audreybeans Designers @calexity

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1) Quest ion, release, repeat 2) Nurture an experiment library 3) Create bridges and advocates #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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Quest ion, release, repeat #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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Maintenance Story Experiment Story Experiment Metrics Chore Production Enhancement #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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Experiment Code Optimizely Users Production Code #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity Analytics Winners

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nurture an experiment library #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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What we’ve learned what we want t learn o How we’ll learn it #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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High Impact High Effort Low Effort Low Impact #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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Create bridges and advocates #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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Create a core team

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product managers #FOWD @audreybeans Designers @calexity

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1) prove your weight in gold 2) micro work, macro impact 3) answer the phone #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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prove your weight in gold #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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micro work, macro impact #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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answer the phone #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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#FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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before after 5% 14% #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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INCREASE 180% #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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#FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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back t the weather o #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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Source: AP

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go forth and create a core team #FOWD @audreybeans @calexity

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Source: Mobile Home Safety

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thank you

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