Top 20 Things Successful People Do All the Time

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Top 20 Things Successful People Do all the Time by @BrianKSullivan

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Successful Unsuccessful Journey is an irregular spiral. Journey is a straight line.

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Successful Transformational viewpoint. Unsuccessful Transactional viewpoint.

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Successful Compliment others. Unsuccessful Blame others.

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Successful Unsuccessful Student Mr. Know-It-All Always learning. Think they know it all.

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Successful Enjoy destination & journey. Unsuccessful Enjoy destination only.

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Successful Give credit to others. Unsuccessful Takes credit from others.

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Successful Talks about ideas. Unsuccessful Talks about people.

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Successful Unsuccessful F= F= Feedback Failure Failure is feedback. Feedback is failure.

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Successful Unsuccessful FAIL Wants other to succeed. Secretly hopes they fail.

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Successful Complex, Nuanced Thinking. Unsuccessful All or Nothing Thinking.

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Successful Share information. Unsuccessful Horde information.

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Successful Exudes joy. Unsuccessful Exudes anger.

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Successful Open to Suggestions. Unsuccesful Defensive.

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Successful Sense of gratitude. Unsuccessful Sense of entitlement.

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Successful Imperfections = Gifts. Unsuccessful Imperfections = Curses.

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Successful Accept responsibility. Unsuccessful Blame others.

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Successful Unsuccessful Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D I love it when a plan comes together (especially mine). Flexible and Adaptable. Very, Very Rigid.

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Successful Read everyday. Unsuccessful Watch movies everyday.

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Successful Forgiving. Unsuccessful Harsh.

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Successful Embraces change. Unsuccessful Fears change.

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Bonus Tip

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Successful people are surrounded by other Successful people. by @BrianKSullivan

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