10 Steps to Get Managers More Involved in Recruiting

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10 Steps to Get Managers More Involved in Recruiting brought to you by:

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Some managers love to get involved in the recruiting process Hiring   talented  people   is   THE  BEST  THING  EVER!!!! Mr.  Manager Wahoo!

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Others… not so much I’m  too  busy  to  help   you   find   and  hire  an  awesome   person   for  my  team.   Oh  dear.

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Getting managers involved in the hiring process is important Who  you  risk  hiring   without the  manager RabbleRabbleRabbleRabble Who  the  manager  can  help you  hire pow! pow! pow! pow! Mindless   squares Super   ninjas

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So how can you help managers get more involved in recruiting? I  feel  a  list   coming   on.

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Step 1: When a vacancy is created meet with the manager to review the job description. In  addition   to  being   skilled  ninjas,   candidates   also  need   to  be  outgoing   and  creative  when   presenting   to  groups. Mr.  Manager Got  it.  

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Step 2: Discuss how effective collaboration can ensure the best people are hired and how that can help make the manager’s life AWESOME. If  we  work  together  I’m  pretty   sure  we  can  hire  someone   like  this pow! Mr.  Manager I  love  it!  How  can  I  help?

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Step 3: Work together to define HR/Recruiting’s responsibilities as well as the managers’ responsibilities. Why  don’t  I  tackle   X,  Y,  and  Z? Mr.  Manager Perfect!  We’ll   handle  A,  B,  C,   D,  E,  and  F.

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Step 4: Discuss key recruiting metrics and how each party can contribute. This  graph  shows  how  we  were   able  to  reduce  time  to  hire  and   improve  quality   of  hire  when   we  worked  with  some  of  the   other  managers.   Let’s  see  if  we  can   do  even  better! Mr.  Manager

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Step 5: Ask the manager to have his/her team try to provide you with a specific number of referrals. Employee  referrals  tend  to  make   great  hires.  Can  you  have  your   team  submit  at  least  6  referrals  to   us  in  Hello  Talent? First  of  all:  Definitely!   Secondly,  Hello  Talent  is   probably  the  most  amazing   thing  of  all  time! Mr.  Manager

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Step 5: Send weekly updates to the manager with your recruiting/sourcing status. Hey  Mr.  Manager,   we’ve  found   seven   different   candidates  so  far,  and  all   their  profiles   are  in  Hello  Talent  along   with  their  recruiting  status.  Let  us   know  what  you  think! Those  guys  are  so   on  top  of  things! Mr.  Manager

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Step 6: Screen candidates before passing them on to the manager. Avoid  sending   them  people  like  this. Oh  look,   ice  cream! Instead,  try  sending   them  people   who  are   so  cool  its  almost  like  they  can  fly.  

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Step 7: When submitting candidate profiles to the manager be sure to include short profile summaries and timelines. Dear  Mr.  Manager,  I’ve  flagged  three  great   candidates  in  Hello  Talent  I  think  we  should   interview.  Could  you  look  at  these  profile   summaries  and  get  back  to  me  by  Friday   so  that  I  can  schedule  interviews?

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Step 8: Be sure to ask the manager to rate the quality of each candidate you’ve submitted. As  requested,  I’ve  rated  all  the   candidates  you’ve  posted   in  Hello   Talent.  Hopefully   that  will  help  you   to  better  see  what  I’m  looking   for. Mr.  Manager I  think  we  should   rate   these  amazing  stock   photo   hamburgers   as   well!

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Step 9: Ensure that candidates as well as the manager know what to expect with interviews. We  love  your  ninja   moves,  but   its  probably   best  if  you  don’t   chop  the  table  in  half  during   the  interview.  

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Step 10: After a candidate has been hired sit with the manager to briefly review the process and look for improvements. That  went  really  well   guys.  Here  are  a  few   things  I’d  like  to  work  on   next  time  to  make  things   easier  for  you. Mr.  Manager Af jelaw algha;lhgeklwa alghal;eha algeoain vaeubgua ajn f eoan gewa Aeaiojf aoihf a wlkn f ie gkn tlhe lan gepian Pmipaf ien af ien a Aen mf apin ef iapjeian f ien af iena Ain ef ian if n eaifn ea I an ef oian iohwn ef n rweuof baoubn woebf Collaboration   is  the  best! It  sure  is!

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