The Secret Sauce of Agile: A Culture of Great Meetings

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The  Secret  Sauce  of  Agile—a   Culture  of  Great  Mee5ngs   Jean  Tabaka,  Agile  Fellow,  CA,  @jeantabaka   Laura  Burke,  ScurmMaster,  Ipreo,  @agilenvironment   3  August  2015  

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•  •  •  •  FORM  TEAMS  OF  7-­‐9  PEOPLE   HAVE  STICKY  NOTES   HAVE  PENS   HAVE  2  FLIPCHART  SHEETS   You’ll be doing lots of work, all in your small groups. Be ready!

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B.  “What  collabora5on  challenges   contribute  to  bad  mee5ngs  in  your   company?”   Reminder: Individually, silently, write your answers using a sharpie, one per sticky note 1 MINUTE

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Process: Silent de-dupe responses in your group 1 MINUTE

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Process: Silent review of responses 1 MINUTE

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C.  “What  are  the  TOP   collabora5on  challenges  that   contribute  to  bad  mee5ngs  in   our  companies  ?”   Reminder: Pick top 2 answers of group and a spokesperson 2 MINUTES

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Process: Each table, read out your top 2 responses 1 MINUTE

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Process: What do we notice across all the group responses? 2 MINUTES

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Process: What do we notice about the exercise? 1 MINUTE

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D.  “How  do  we  prepare  to  bring   people  together  to   collaborate?”  

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Scale  Agile  with  alignment  and   transparency  through   collabora5on  

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Facilitation is the “Secret Sauce” of discipline and rigor to scale collaboration

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Great  mee5ngs:  let  go  of   command-­‐and-­‐control,  invite  all   voices  for  greatest  insights  

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Opening  a  collabora5ve   mee5ng  is  a  discipline  

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“What  did  you  no5ce  about  the   opening?”   1  minute  

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1. Prepare   2. Prompt   3. Gather     4. Process  

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E.“What  are  possible  non-­‐ destruc5ve  ways  to  address  these   collabora5on  challenges?”   Reminder: Think on your own before you start. Pass the pen to write answers on the flipchart until we run out of time. You can say “Pass”. 2 MINUTES

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-­‐      Similar  to  yours   -­‐  Different  from  yours   -­‐  New     -­‐  Surprising   Process: Walk around to view each other groups’ responses 6 MINUTES

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Process: Open dialogue 3 MINUTES

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“What  did  you  no5ce  about  the   exercise?”   1  minute  

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F.  “How  do  we  facilitate  alignment   transparency,  and  collabora5on  in   our  mee5ngs  as  we  scale?”  

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Sustainable decisions move through the “Groan  Zone”   35   Source: "Facilitator's Guide To Participatory Decision-Making, by Sam Kaner and others. Used with permission from Sam Kaner, 415-641-9773 ." ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   .

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“Great  mee5ngs  scale  for  Agile   challenges  and  create   sustainable  solu5ons”  

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40   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.  

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41   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.  

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G.  “What  ques5ons  have  arisen   over  the  course  of  this  session?”   Reminder: Bring items you have been writing during the class for the “Parking Lot”. 7 MINUTES

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H.  “What  did  you  value  learning  in   the  workshop?”   Reminder: Think on your own, one item per sticky note. 1 MINUTE

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H.  “What  did  you  feel  was  lacking  in   the  workshop?”   Reminder: Think on your own, one item per sticky note. 1 MINUTE

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Process: Share 1 or 2 items with class 1 MINUTE

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    I.  Close  

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CHANGE is 50   HARD ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.  

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Increased morale and IQs l her leve Hig of mitment com 51   Increased insights More employe e engagem ent Greater f alability o sc Agile ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.  

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“Leading   Collabora8ve   Mee8ngs”  

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To  be  a  strong   facilitator,  you  must   prac&ce,  partner  and   persevere  

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The  Secret  Sauce  of  Agile—a   Culture  of  Great  Mee5ngs   Jean  Tabaka,  Agile  Fellow,  CA,  @jeantabaka   Laura  Burke,  ScurmMaster,  Ipreo,  @agilenvironment   3  August  2015  

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