How I Hire: Look Past the Pedigree

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BROUGHT TO YOU BY How I Hire: Look Past the Pedigree By Linda Descano, CFA®, President and CEO, Women & Co., and Managing Director and Head of Content and Social, North America Marketing, Citi.

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1.  Credible: Is this someone with integrity and sound judgment, who is believable and trustworthy, and who will act in good faith, not just to the “letter” of a law/policy, but embrace and respect its spirit and intent?

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2.  Competent: Is this person the “real deal”? Does s/he have the requisite skills, experiences and knowledge to be successful in this role?

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3.  Cultural Fit: Is this someone with the values, outlook and behavior that is congruent with that of our organization and team?

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4.  Can-do Attitude: Does s/he have a positive outlook with a bias to action? Is this someone who is resilient and results-oriented? Will s/he act like an owner and not just bring good ideas to the table, but also execute those ideas as well?

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5.  Charitable: Is s/he singularly focused on his/her own success at the expense of others, or is this someone who uses his/her experience, knowledge and connections to elevate and benefit others?

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6.  Change-oriented: Is this someone who embraces change and sees it as an opportunity for—or obstacle to— progress? Can s/he operate comfortably in a fast-paced, dynamic environment?

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7.  Curious and Connected: Is this someone with a thirst for knowledge, who is willing to learn new ways and unlearn old ways? Is s/he actively engaged in industry conversations and well placed to bring fresh ideas, insights and perspective to the team?

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8.  Communicator with Distinction: Can this person organize his/her ideas, get those ideas across and tailor the message to meet the needs of different audiences? Is s/he an acute listener who truly hears and understands the messages that others are sending?

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