How People React in Meetings

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How People React in Meetings

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Team meetings that involve problem solving and decision making often get people to act in an irrational manner, especially if the outcome of the meeting can have a negative impact on them personally. This is particularly true for people who are closely identified with the cause of the problem. You may also be inviting people you have never worked with previously, and you have no idea how they will react to the problem or the solution.

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The Aggressor Criticizes everyone as being part of the problem even if the cause is just one person.

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The Devil’s Advocate Always argues that there are other causes of the problem and refuses to become a believer in the real cause unless threatened.

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The Dominator Tries to take over the meeting and professes to know everything about the problem and what the solution should be. This is seen as a chance for glory.

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The Recognition Seeker Always argues in favor of his or her impression of the problem and also his or her solution to the problem.

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The Withdrawer May be afraid of criticism and does not want to be identified as being part of the problem. Blackboard © Thinglass/Shutterstock Silhouette of business executives © 4x6/Getty Images Real Business people © Robert Churchill/iStockphoto

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