Creating Your Six Word Culture Story Joe Tye, CEO and Head Coach Values Coach Inc.

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Creating Your Six Word Culture Story Joe Tye, CEO and Head Coach Values Coach Inc. Copyright © 2015, Values Coach Inc.

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Culture eats strategy for lunch* – but in the best of organizations they share the meal together Click here for more slide show on 12 Reasons Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

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Can you tell your organization’s culture story in just 6 words?

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An exercise adapted from… www.CulturalBlueprint.com

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I borrowed this concept from the book Six- Word Memoirs

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One of my very favorites “Cursed with Cancer Blessed with Friends” 9 year old Hannah Davies

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This guy built a career – and made a fortune – with a six-word story

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Precisely 6 words – not 5 and not 7 Like writing a sonnet or a haiku, the structure gives discipline to the process

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A six-word culture story is NOT a laundry list of attributes: Committed Helpful Caring Supportive Responsive Friendly

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A six-word story is NOT an advertising jingle: Beautiful people serving beautiful customers with joy

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Southwest Airlines can do it…

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Southwest Airlines Motto Servant’s Heart, Warrior Spirit, Fun-Loving Attitude

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13 Because of this culture, Southwest Airlines might be the only airline that can credibly run this ad >>>>>

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Cypress Semiconductor can do it…

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Cypress Semiconductor Motto The Marine Corps of Silicon Valley One of their core values is “We don’t tolerate losing” and their CEO wrote this book ?

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17 Cypress Semiconductor almost never makes hiring mistakes because they are so clear about who they are and what they stand for

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This is a great small group exercise

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19 A sample of 6-word culture descriptions from recent leadership retreats conducted by Values Coach…

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20 Sometimes the 6 word culture stories almost make you want to quit your job and go word for that organization >>>>>

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21 We love customers and each other

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22 We are ALWAYS here for you

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23 Fellowship & fun while working hard

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24 Sometimes the 6 word culture stories make you wonder how the organization can even stay in business >>>>>

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25 We have lost that loving feeling

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26 Multiple priorities, limited resources, great expectations

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27 Disjointed depts working against each other

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28 Isolated silos Caste system Bitch buddies

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29 Negativity reigns while circling the drain

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30 We’re entitled, hating it, and staying

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31 Beatings will continue until morale improves

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32 We often see the most positive and most negative six-word culture stories come from people in the same organization!

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34 Your six-word culture story can be both descriptive and prescriptive

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From an entrepreneurial small business We’re tough We’re focused We win

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36 At Values Coach we have put a lot of thought and research into what constitutes a great culture…

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37 You will have a great culture if you have these three qualities – if you can tell your culture story with these 6 words >>>>>

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Emotionally Positive Self Empowered Fully Engaged

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The Florence Challenge is a structured process for gaining employee commitment to a culture of ownership

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It is helping hospitals and other organizations promote a more positive and productive culture all across the country

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Palmetto Health South Carolina

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Maine Medical Center Portland Maine

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Midland Memorial Hospital Midland, Texas

Слайд 44

Steele Memorial Medical Center Salmon, Idaho

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Grinnell Regional Medical Center Grinnell, Iowa

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Kalispell Regional Healthcare Kalispell, Montana

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What if everyone where you work were more emotionally positive, self empowered, and fully engaged?

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Would you do a better job of serving customers and patients?

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Would you do a better job of supporting coworkers?

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Would people be happier and more productive – and go home in better spirits?

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Culture doesn’t change unless and until people change

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The Florence Prescription is a blueprint for fostering a culture of ownership – and it’s just $5 per book at: www.TheFlorenceChallenge.com

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You can download the Certificate of commitment and other free resources at the Challenge Website

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Make an event of the signing

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To learn more contact Values Coach: Michelle@ValuesCoach.com 319-624-3889