Advancing Work: Manager’s Blueprint to Engage and Motivate Winning Teams

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20 00 31.5% 20 14 Organizations around the nation are facing a major engagement/motivation dilemma among their employees. Though engagement levels are the highest since 2000, only 31.5% of U.S. employees were engaged in their jobs during 2014. SOURCE

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51% 17.5% NOT ENGAGED ACTIVELY DISENGAGED A majority of employees—51%—were still “not engaged,” and 17.5% were “actively disengaged” in 2014 SOURCE

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Engagement is vital to an organization. When employees are fully engaged, they produce better work and are more motivated to do the work. Furthermore, employee engagement can develop better loyalty between the employee and the organization, increasing retention. How can managers fix this engagement issue plaguing the workforce? SOURCE

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3 WAYS TOP MANAGERS ENGAGE & MOTIVATE WINNING TEAMS: 1 2 3 Get to know your team individually. Define transparency and communication. Give meaning to the work.

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1 2 3 GET TO KNOW YOUR TEAM INDIVIDUALLY. Before anything else, managers need to take the time to get to know their employees, which can be especially hard if you manage dispersed teams. Set up in-person or virtual one-on-ones using video conferencing where employees can create a career growth plan with you while feeling listened to and valued as a team member.

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By knowing what employees want to achieve within their respective positions, it not only empowers them, but also allows them to showcase their value to the organization.

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1 2 3 Additionally, you can use this one-on-one time to have employees contribute to the future culture of the team. Have them voice their opinions and ideas on team dynamics and what environments they succeed in.

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1 2 3 By implementing employee ideas, it again shows how valuable the employee is to the team.

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1 2 3 DEFINE TRANSPARENCY AND COMMUNICATION. When building a better team dynamic, it’s important to encourage a culture of transparency. By having a policy of open communication among team members, it instills trust and empathy.

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47% 1 2 3 In addition, great communication doesn’t always mean in-person meetings. For instance, according to customers, GoToMeeting can increase efficiency by 47% by building rapport with prospects and clients. Furthermore, GoToMeeting can keep out-of-office stakeholders in the loop with critical face-to-face meetings. SOURCE

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Good communication also includes letting employees give feedback to their managers. That way management has a clear understanding what is and isn’t working in the organization and can make the necessary adjustments. Bottom line: managers need to be approachable and instill trust within their respective teams.

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SUGGESTIONS 1 2 3 GIVE MEANING TO THE WORK. The root of engagement and motivation is found in the meaning of the work produced. Let employees identify how they can make their work more meaningful and implement their suggestions.

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1 2 3 Remember: burnouts are more likely to occur when goals are set by managers rather than employees. Let team members lead the discussion on what outcomes they want to see on the team and in the office. As the manager, you can then tie these goals to the organizations—so everyone wins.

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Increasing employee engagement isn’t something that happens overnight. However, by using these three tips, managers can see increase employee engagement, motivate performance and strengthen retention within the workplace. READ THE FULL POST

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