5 Steps to Find Active Candidates and Contractors on LinkedIn [Webcast]

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5 Steps to Find Active Candidates and Contractors on LinkedIn Tuesday, August 11th – starting at 11am PT I 2pm ET

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Meet your presenters Alex Rossberg Customer Success Consultant arossberg@linkedin.com ​Andy Best ​Customer Success Consultant ​abest@linkedin.com 4

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What we’re going to cover today 1 3 contract talent trends you should know 2 The best ways to leverage LinkedIn Groups 3 Advanced search strings and refinement filters 4 How to build an InMail targeting contract and active candidates 5 Live LinkedIn Recruiter demo 5

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3 trends you should know

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Contractors are an active group of talent Compared to the global workforce, contract talent is significantly more active Contract talent in 2015 Global workforce in 2015 Active vs. Passive Active vs. Passive Passive candidates may be:    30% Reaching out to their personal networks Open to talking to a recruiter Completely satisfied; don’t want to move 42% 58% Active candidates may be: 70% Passive Active How would you classify your current job search status? Passive   Actively looking Casually looking a few times a week Active 7

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Contract talent’s go-to channels Invest in areas where this talent pool is already looking The most popular channels where contractors look for opportunities Social professional networks 58% Word of mouth 57% Online job boards 57% Company websites 42% Professional groups Search engines Online advertising 31% 28% 23% 8 What channels do you use to look for new job opportunities?

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Convert more contract candidates into placements Understand what this talent group wants Top factors for contractors around the world when considering a job offer Compensation 46% Better professional development 94% of talent says being contacted by their prospective manager can make them accept a job offer faster 89% of talent says being contacted the recruiter can make them accept a job offer faster 33% Better work / life balance 30% More challenging work 30% Better fit for my skillset 28% Better place to work (culture) 19% More opportunities for advancement 19% Increased job security 14% Working with a better team 14% Which of the following are the three most important factors that would entice you to accept a new job opportunity? 9

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Leveraging LinkedIn Groups

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Find the most relevant Groups Access the Groups you’re in here Search Group keywords here 11

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Refinement filters and search strings

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Advanced Boolean string Save me! (contract OR contractor OR contracted OR contracting OR consult OR consultant OR consulted OR consulting OR "on assignment" OR “off assignment” OR temp OR temporary OR “per diem” OR “hourly rate” OR “corp to corp” OR 1099 OR “on project” OR “bill rate” OR billrate OR “pay rate” OR payrate OR freelance OR freelancer OR freelancing OR “currently looking” OR “currently seeking” OR “looking for work” OR “looking for assignment” OR “seeking assignment” OR “seeking work” OR “seeking employment” OR “available now” OR “currently available” OR locum OR traveling OR travelling) NOT (recruiter OR recruitment OR recruiting) AND (Insert skill here) 13

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Targeted refinement search Current company Company size That uses contractors 1-10 Function Groups Consultant My Groups All Groups Years in position Less than 1 year 1 to 2 years (consultants) Interested in Potential employees Consultants/Contractors 3 to 5 years in position or current company (active) When joined Within 2 weeks Company followers Company type Self-owned Save me! 14

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Easily identify your candidates Source Status Tags Activity Contact Identify where you know the lead from Track the progress of a lead through the pipeline Add skills, experience, job roles, attributes View activity on a lead Access to personal contact information Add reminders 14

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Top 3 InMail tips

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When crafting an InMail… 1. Include an attention grabbing subject line Job seekers – call out that it’s a job opportunity Contractors – highlight professional development 2. Mention factors that will spark their interest Compensation Professional development Challenging work Good fit for skillset 3. Don’t forget a call to action Ask for next steps 17

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Thanks for joining! In the meantime, register for our Talent Connect Live Stream https://lnkd.in/dT9TXiX October 13-15, 2015. Live from Anaheim. #TalentConnect 20

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