Sink or Swim: Supporting the Transition to New Manager

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? Which best describes me…

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? How would you describe your current training for new managers and supervisors?

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WHAT YOU’LL BE ABLE TO TAKE-AWAY New manager and supervisors make a big impact on our organizations and employees. There are four key changes that we need to understand and support when an individual contributor transitions to become a new manager. How to create a development plan for your new managers and supervisors.

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...if employees' relationship with their managers is fractured, then no amount of perks will persuade the employees to perform at top levels. Employee engagement is a direct reflection of how employees feel about their relationship with the boss. Source: Self-determination Theory And Facilitation Of Intrinsic Motivation, Social Development And Well-being, American Psychologist Association

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The Importance of Frontline Managers and Achieving Business Priorities 78% Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction 76% Achieving a high level of productivity 73% Achieving a high level of employee engagement SOURCE: Harvard Business Review, Frontline Managers: Are They Given the Leadership Tools to Succeed?

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The transition from individual contributor to manager represents a profound psychological adjustment — A TRANSFORMATION — as managers contend with their new responsibilities. New managers must learn how to lead others, to win trust and respect, to motivate, and to strike the right balance between delegation and control. It is a transition many new managers fail to make. SOURCE: Linda Hill, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School

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Relationships Expectations Skills Perspectives …change

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Relationships Change FRIENDS TEAM BOSS PEERS

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Establishing Credibility Experience and Knowledge Organizational Role Organizational Politics Control of Consequences

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INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE TASK ACCOMPLISHMENT SOURCE: From Bud To Boss: Secrets To A Successful Transition To Remarkable Leadership By Kevin Eikenberry And Guy Harris

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Pygmalion effect People tend to live up, or down, to your expectations of them.

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Skills Change Communication Coaching Collaboration and Teamwork Goal Setting

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Emotional Intelligence - EQ Self-Awareness SelfManagement Social Awareness Relationship Management

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New Manager Curriculum Delegation Engagement/ Motivation Performance Listening Skills Coaching Leadership Strategic Thinking Presentation Skills . .

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Learning How to Learn Developing Relationships Formal Training Receiving Feedback Self-Awareness On-the-Job Experiences

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Succession Planning for New Managers PRE-PROMOTION POST-PROMOTION CONSIDERATION EXPLORATION TRANSITION ADOPTION Selection Roles and Responsibilities Processes and Procedures Professional Identity Information • Seminars • Informational interviews • Job shadowing • Focus groups • Formal and informal training • Acting manager • Job rotation • Project manager • Formal and informal training • Mentoring • Networking • Formal and informal training • Mentoring • Feedback • Peer evaluation SOURCE: A Succession Plan for First Time Managers, Maria Plakhotnik and Tonette S. Rocco, T&D Magazine, December 2011

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Create an Individual Development Plan What are my development objectives? What activities do I need to undertake to achieve my objectives? What support/resources do I need to achieve my objectives What are the measures of success? Target date for achieving my objectives

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Perspectives Change Understanding priorities and concerns Big picture, holistic view Influence and collaboration Internal and external networks

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ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORKS Find and connect with experts Build networks with peers Ask and answer questions Share and find valuable information posted by peers Platform Community Content Access relevant learning content Build an internal “brand” and reputation

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Focus on short term results Compliance . Work within existing procedures MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP Articulating a vision . Inspiring commitment Challenging the status quo

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Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things. SOURCE: Peter Drucker

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KEY TAKE-AWAYS New manager and supervisors make a big impact on our organizations and employees. There are four key changes that we need to understand and support when an individual contributor transitions to become a new manager. How to create a development plan for your new managers and supervisors

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Getting Your New Supervisors Up to Speed 1. Congratulations, You're a Supervisor! 2. How Good Do You Want to Be? 3. Personal Traits for Success 4. Establish Credibility to Lead 5. Going From Buddy to Boss 6. Your First Team Meeting 7. Research Your New Team 8. Get Team Feedback from Others 9. Interview Your Team 10.Observe Your Team in Action 11.Develop a Team Strategic Plan 12.Mistakes to Avoid

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How to Survive and Thrive as a New Supervisor From Bud to Boss: 20 Course Series

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