10 Recruiting Tips for Startups

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10 Recruiting T for Startups ips brought to you by: Wahoo!

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Because we love helping startups here are 10 recruiting tips to help you hire better:

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1) When writing a job description, define candidate attributes that not only fit with the job, but the company culture as well. What  do   you  m ean   squares  don’t   fit  in  at   your   company? I  w as   being   figurative.

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2) Define the long and short-term skills associated with each job opening. What  you  need   right  now.   What  you  need   later.  

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3) Plan ahead for the vacancies you’ll have in the future. You  should   have   started  your  search   for  an  IT  manager  six   months   ago! Oops.  

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4) When you’ve found the perfect candidate don’t get so excited you stop looking for others. He’s   PERFECT! We  don’t   even  know  if   he’s   interested   Dave. Hey!  Over   here!  We’re   interested!

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5) Search for candidates off the beaten path (big companies use LinkedIn and often overlook other sources) Look  at  the   people   I  found   on  Pinterest! This  feels  a   bit   macabre.

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6) Make recruiting a team sport and invite coworkers and others in your network to help you look for talent. Jill,   could   you  help  me   find  some   all-­‐stars? Magic Poof! We’d   love   to  work  for   you! Ding! Sure. Magic Poof  Again! Magic  Poof  a   third  time!

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7) Make the habit of spending at least 10 minutes a day looking for talent. Even if you don’t have a vacancy you can always save good candidates for later. 2 I  don’t  need   to   hire  her  now,  but   she’ll  be  perfect   when  I  start   phase  2!

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8) Keep track of people who aren’t interested in working for you… yet Not  looking  for  a   change  at  the   moment,  but  I  like   your   company.  Call  m e   back  in  a  year? Six  months   later… So,  uhh,   I’m  really  tired  of   working  for  the  squares.   Are  you  still  hiring? Hey!  I   heard  that!

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9) T the time to pitch your company to ake candidates just like you would investors We’re  going  to  change   the  w orld  through   social-­‐shape-­‐ application-­‐mapping!   Who’s  w ith  us? Me! Me  m e  ! Me  m e  m e!

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10) Make sure your company website has a clear explanation of why its a great place to work This  SquareForce company  doesn’t   have   anything  on  its  site  about   what  its  like  to  work   there.  Bad  sign.     CircleSuite sounds   like   it  has  the  coolest   company  culture!  

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Bonus T ip!!!!!! Use Hello T alent That’s  how  I  got   talent  into  my   startup! Best.   Decision.   Ever!

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Successful startups are serious about recruiting talent. Successful startups use

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