3 Ways to Make Meetings More Productive

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BUSINESS TRANSPARENCY EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION CLIENT BRAINSTORMING Office meetings, whether we like them or not, are a necessity with any business. They can create better business transparency, improve employee communication, help brainstorm ideas for clients and much more.

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69% The team meeting dynamic has also changed and can vary from in-person to conference calls. For instance, 69% of customers that have GoToMeeting use it primarily for internal team meetings and/or team management meetings. Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/product-research/citrix-meeting-and-collaboration-solutions/charts/590-21B-215

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At the same time, meetings can be long, unnecessary and a complete waste of an afternoon. How can organizations have meetings that are more productive for everyone involved?

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3 WAYS TO MAKE MEETINGS MORE PRODUCTIVE 1 2 3 Lay the groundwork first Involve everyone Learn what works and what doesn’t

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1 2 3 LAY THE GROUNDWORK FIRST Preparation not only increases productivity, but respects those attending the meeting. Nothing is more discouraging than a meeting that is disorganized due to little to no preparation.

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1 2 3 Before you send out the meeting invites, ask yourself these 4 questions: 1. What is the end goal of this meeting? 2. Who actually needs to be present? 3. How much time should be allocated? 4. Will any attendees be joining from their mobile or tablet device?

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This will help get a better sense of how important your future meeting is and if it is even necessary for the employees to make time to attend. By having an end goal, specific people and devices in mind, and a time set up, it makes the meeting streamlined from start to finish.

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1 2 3 This directly relates to productivity, as employees and managers know exactly what to expect from the meeting. Also, be sure that the answers to the three questions are included in the meeting invites.

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1 2 3 INVOLVE EVERYONE The backbone to any meeting is participation. There’s a reason your meeting involves specific people. As an online meeting coordinator, get familiar with the tools you will be using to ensure a highly collaborative session, encourage participants to come prepared, take notes during the meeting, and voice ideas and opinions.

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Part of engagement is knowing how to connect with team members on an individual level. Some people are more willing to open up after a casual conversation as opposed to diving straight into the meeting agenda.

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1 2 3 If you have attendees using their mobile or tablet to join your meeting, have a plan as to how you will involve them in the conversation and don’t forget to prepare mobile- friendly slides if they’re going to be following along with your presentation!

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1 2 3 Don’t be afraid to mix up the meeting with different presentation tactics using the integrated collaborative toolset on your GoToMeeting dashboard. Even if you’ve got colleagues or clients attending from their mobile device or tablet, there are proven ways to keep everyone in your online meeting engaged.

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1 2 3 Try turning on your webcam when presenting crucial information to simulate eye contact and build a connection, record the meeting to distribute to key stakeholders afterward and help you transcribe any notes or next steps, or even hand-off the drawing tools to an attendee to encouraging brainstorming and increase retention of important information.

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1 2 3 68% of GoToMeeting customers agreed that video conferencing keeps people engaged during meetings. Switch up the presenters, share screens, have the meetings in different environments, involve food if possible. You’ll find better engagement when meetings use variety. Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/product-research/citrix-meeting-and-collaboration-solutions/charts/3B0-9D2-58F

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1 2 3 Take your online meetings to another level and increase your professional prowess by claiming your personalized meeting room, included free with your GoToMeeting account or 30-day trial. Create and claim a custom URL that’s yours forever and add any company branding or info that your attendees might need to know. Add your new dedicated online meeting room to your digital signature for quick collaborative sessions or use it to schedule regular stand up meetings.

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1 2 3 LEARN WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESN’T Once the meetings are over, take note of what went well and what needs improvement. Were your attendees engaged? Did you meet your end goal of a meeting? Were all ideas shared? Don’t be afraid to poll people afterwards a meeting to see how effective it was for them. You may be surprised by the results, but will have a better sense on how to improve.

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In addition, your employees will value a manager that listens and takes the advice given to them. Meetings are always a work in progress and can be improved when effort is made by both the meeting coordinator and attendees.

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1 2 3 Productive meetings lead to better work being produced. With these three tactics, you’ll be better equipped to lead a strong, more productive meeting. READ THE FULL POST

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