The 5 least inspiring CEOs in America

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They are among the lowest-rated chief executives in the country. The 5 least inspiring CEOs in America

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5) George Paz Company: Express Scripts CEO since 2005 Approval: 28% Total Reviews: 655 Photo: Express Scripts

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Employees complain that they are paid for too little, for doing far too much. In addition, the company’s acquisition of Medco is viewed poorly by many employees.

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“[The company] wants inexperienced and obedient folks who question nothing and do meaningless projects…Efforts to suggest change are…superficial. [Management is] not really interested in honest feedback.” -Current employee, July 3, 2015

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4) Eddie Lampert Company: Sears CEO since 2013 Approval: 21% Total Reviews: 1,369

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Lampert took over as CEO of Sears in 2013 after years as a successful hedge fund manager. He did not, however, have any real experience leading a retailer.

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“The company is grasping for straws trying to survive financially. While they do nothing to improve the appearance of the Sears or Kmart stores, they continue to make changes, downsizes, plant and store closures to increase their cash flow.” -Former employee of more than 10 years, July 20, 2015

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3) Andrew Clark Company: Bridgepoint Education CEO since 2004 Approval: 21% Total Reviews: 88 Photo: Bridgepoint Education

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Bridgepoint was founded by Clark after he worked for the University of Phoenix. By focusing on profits over students and teachers, Clark has earned the same ire that many former for-profit executives have had to deal with.

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“No matter how much lipstick you apply to it, it’s still a pig. The reality is this: your job…is to try and convince someone to take out a very large, unforgiveable loan to take classes…they probably won’t complete.” -Former employee of more than a year, March 15, 2015

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2) Bob Mariano Company: Roundy’s CEO since 2002 Approval: 15% Total Reviews: 95 Photo: Marianosmarket Instagram

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Roundy’s owns the largest grocery chains in Wisconsin. However, Mariano has focused much more on his smaller namesake chain in Chicago—while losing significant market share north of the state line.

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“There is so much ‘momentum’ going right now for Mariano’s [Fresh Market] that the core business in [Wisconsin] is suffering dramatically. I predict it will continue to suffer…Failure is inevitable.” -Current employee of more than one year, February 20, 2014

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1) Sadar Biglari Company: Biglari Holdings (Steak n’ Shake) CEO since 2008 Approval: 15% Total Reviews: 241 Photo: Steak n’ Shake Instagram

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Biglari fashions himself as the next Warren Buffett. As you might imagine, that type of ego leads to a win-at-all-costs type attitude, which has filtered down to employees at Steak n’ Shake—Biglari’s largest business.

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“Absolute zero autonomy. The employees and management are not shown any level of trust or respect. Sadar is a control freak.” -Current employee of more than one year, August 1, 2015

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