Accelerating New Hire Productivity Through Onboarding

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Accelerating New Hire Productivity Through Onboarding What onboarding is and isn’t How onboarding makes HR impactful Understanding time to contribution What’s impeding time to contribution (and how to turn impediments into fuel) Your acceleration plan

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What onboarding is and isn’t

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Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders. Source: Bauer, T.N. and Erdogan, B. APA Handbook Of Industrial And Organizational Psychology

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What Onboarding Isn’t: A checklist to rush through.

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What Onboarding Is: A tool to create business value.

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Onboarding makes HR impactful Onboarding helps HR manage the company’s greatest asset: People.

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Time to Contribution New Hire Contribution = Capability + Context + Connections + Tools/Training Organizational Socialization and Insider

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Decreasing time to contribution increases HR’s ability to impact: Engagement Retention Revenue Performance Satisfaction

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Time to Contribution Impediments Access to systems Access to hardware Training Understanding company culture Manager involvement Other soft impediments

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a. Access to systems Learning resources and content Off-the-shelf and custom video Resource delivery LMS and mobile

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b. Access to hardware

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c. Training Here’s how you do… Processes and applications needed How and where to get the information they need Job aids, process descriptions, flow charts Resources and training delivery

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d. Understanding company culture

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e. Manager involvement Provide context to improve productivity Acclimation and application of learning Coaching and feedback Setting expectations and goals

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f. Other soft impediments Measurement Satisfaction Fitting in Buy-in

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Your Acceleration Plan

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18 MONTHS the most vulnerable time for a new hire to leave 8-12 WEEKS avg. time to productivity for clerical staff 18-22 WEEKS avg. time to productivity for professional staff 24-28 WEEKS avg. time to productivity for executives SOURCE: Strategic Onboarding. Bersin by Deloitte.

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Onboarding’s Goal: Reduce Friction and Minimize Delay. How? Automate what you can: esignatures, self-onboarding, training Then you can focus on what really matters to your company: creating business value.

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