How to Find Mr. Right

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If you make a poor hiring decision, your company will experience: Unnecessary increase of investment on recruitment and training

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Ouch! Source: Dice

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But how do you look for the right person for the vacant job? Here’s the process. 1. Analyze Job requirements 2. Source applicants 3. Screen applicants 4. Decide who to hire

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Analyze Read the job description Consult new hire’s future colleagues Identify the required skill set Create a recruitment timeline Understand the job and who you need.

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Source Get referrals from contacts Post on various job boards Attend career fairs Share jobs openings on social media Attract as many good applicants as you can.

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Screen Evaluate cover letters, resumes, portfolio Facilitate psychological tests Conduct interviews Assess online reputation Review applications and generate a short list.

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Decide Facilitate contract signing Conduct company orientation Endorse to supervisor Identify the candidates who fits the job.

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Create a career section on your company’s website Promote your company’s culture and management style. Let potential employees self-assess how fit they are to work for the company. Post job vacancies that may be aggregated by job search engines.

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Keep existing employees happy and motivated. Positive stories from employees Excellent company reputation More job applications Better talent pool Effective hiring decisions

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Strengthen social media presence Attract top talents through social media. Loyal followers can share job opportunities and bring in qualified candidates.

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Connect with passive employees Attend university activities, join social media circles, or show up at informal events where you can network with passive employees.

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Consider hiring freelancers The right person might not want to work in a brick-and-mortar office. In the USA, 53 million Americans, or 1 in 3 workers, are now freelancing.

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"Get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus.“ Jim Collins

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