Why You Need to be a Social Executive

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WHY YOU NEED TO BE A SOCIAL EXECUTIVE (And how you can become one on LinkedIn.) REPUTATION IS VITAL FOR SUCCESS 80 60 % % 2 1 of a company’s market value is attributed to its reputation. of consumers agree that social media enhances the image and reputation of executives. Research shows that companies with social C-Suite executives enjoy higher levels of trust, and people are more likely to buy their products.2 YOUR COMPETITORS ARE ALREADY GETTING SOCIAL 97 % 3 of companies use social media to promote their businesses. 80 LinkedIn has % 68 million members in Asia Pacific and more than 4 COMPETITOR of companies use social media to monitor competitors. 364 million members globally. SO BE SOCIAL AND GROW 82 63 % % 5 5 of online users prefer businesses with information on social sites. of fast-growth companies find social a key source of lead generation. LinkedIn’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate is three times higher than Facebook and Twitter.6 SOCIAL MEDIA FOSTERS AUTHENTICITY 77 % 2 of stakeholders believe social media creates a channel for authentic engagement with executives. BEING SOCIAL MAKES YOU ATTRACTIVE 64 % Socially engaged companies are 58 % of followers would follow companies indefinitely.8 more likely to attract top talent.10 IT HELPS YOU FIND THE BEST TALENT 75 % Social networks are the fastest-growing source of quality hires. FIND THESE “PASSIVE CANDIDATES” THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. of people are open to job opportunities, but only 25 % are on job boards.9 10 STEPS TO BECOMING A SOCIAL EXECUTIVE TIPS AND TRICKS TO ROCK YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE BUILD YOUR NETWORK: GROW YOUR BUSINESS 1 1 2 Point out your skills and experience, not just your job history. Write an eye-catching personal tagline – don’t forget your photo. 3 Put your elevator pitch to work and sell yourself in 10 seconds. 4 Use an authentic voice and inject some personality. 5 2 3 4 5 Add and accept connections. Share and re-share great content. Ask and answer questions – start conversations. Make and receive recommendations. Join specific interest and industry groups. Stand out from the crowd with unusual interests. To find out how LinkedIn can help you become a social leader, download The Executive Playbook. Sources: 1,7 Weber Shandwick, Socialising your CEO II 2 Brandfog, The Global Social CEO Survey 2014 3 Social Media Examiner, Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2014 4 Digimind, Market Intelligence Survey 5 LinkedIn, Priming the Economic Engine: How Social Media is Driving Growth 6 Hubspot, 2013 State of Inbound Marketing 8 LinkedIn, Talent Brand Catalyst: Reasons to Cultivate Followers 9 LinkedIn Essentials, The Modern Recruiter’s Guide 10 Relationships Matter, LinkedIn & Altimeter Group, 2014

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