Simple Hacks to Live and Work Smarter From Techstars CPO and Investor Nicole Glaros

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Simple Hacks to Live & Work Smarter from Nicole Glaros, Chief Product Officer & Investor at Techstars Powered by

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This presentation consists of insights inspired by 33voices® interviews with Jenna Abdou.

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Table of Contents Chapter 1 - Give First Page 4 Chapter 2 - Being Productive > Being Busy: Page 11 Chapter 3 - How to Communicate Constructively: Page 18 Chapter 4 - How to Catch an Investor’s Attention: Page 23 Chapter 5 - Celebrate Your Blessings: Page 28 Credits Page 30

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Chapter 1 Give First

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Giving = The Study of Living. Practice it.

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The true mark of selflessness is giving without expectation.

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“Life changes when you stop asking ‘What’s in it for me?’ When you start to help people for no reason other than to help them, you create an entire world of people who want to help you.”

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Make daily contributions, no matter how small. Try paying for the person’s coffee behind you and leaving before he or she checks out. The giving effect will inspire them to pay it forward.

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Nicole started as a volunteer at Techstars. Six years in, she’s led eight programs, served as the organization’s Managing Director and invested in over 90 companies.

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“I love what I do. I don’t know how to not do that. I can point to the number of days in the last six years that I’ve felt like I worked. I could probably point to them on one hand. When you work for a living it’s hard to bring your A game but when you love what you do you dive in feet first, all the way over your head.”

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Chapter 2 Being Productive > Being Busy

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Productive individuals can point to the exact tasks they accomplish each day.

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There are only one or two things that will move your business forward each week: “Have a discipline on those two things, work on them, and fill in the spaces based on the things you need to accomplish.”

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Block a routine time on your calendar to accomplish tasks. Be religious about not letting anything impact it. Nicole dedicates from 2:30 - 5:30 p.m. every day to tackle her to-dos.

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Extreme productivity requires sacrifice. In order to “focus on the big things that move her role forward” Nicole is occasionally behind in email and scheduling meetings.

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Limit distractions by setting aside time to take random meetings each month.

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Own your schedule by remembering: “Discipline is critical to the success of productivity.”

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Chapter 3 How to Communicate Constructively

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65% of startups fail due to poor communication. Practice active communication by not letting issues fester. Whether you’re an engineer, senior executive, or an intern speak up about how you feel and consciously listen to others.

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State facts not opinions. It’s highly more effective to say: “We were looking at your KPIs and the numbers aren’t hitting. Let’s talk about the reason that could be happening and how to solve it.” instead of “Hey, your marketing sucks!”

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Providing constructive feedback is a learned skill. Practice having difficult conversations grounded in “direct unemotional feedback.”

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Respect is the highest indication of successful communication. Cultivate it.

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Chapter 4 How to Catch an Investor’s Attention

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The first slide of your pitch deck should be your biggest eye opener. Whether it’s impressive revenue or citing Peter Thiel as one of your advisors, make an impression in the first 30 seconds.

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Short pitch decks > extensive, 50 pagers. Include everything you need in 8 - 10 slides. Your deck is an introduction that should inspire investors to request a follow-up. Don’t overwhelm them.

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Be prepared to answer: “Why are you doing this?” For investors, your response directly reflects your long-term commitment.

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Avoid being the Uber, Instagram, or Kickstarter for “x.” It is overdone and no longer inspiring.

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Chapter 5 Celebrate Your Blessings

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When you appreciate the journey your perspective will change as an entrepreneur: “Being blessed makes you grateful for everything that happens to you.”

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