The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership

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How Do You Lead?

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“ The best leaders are the best learners. You have to believe that you (and others) can learn to lead, and that you can become a better leader tomorrow than you are today. Leaders are constant improvement fanatics, and learning is the master skill of leadership. ” – im Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge J and The Student Leadership Challenge www.leadershipchallenge.com

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In the best organizations, everyone, regardless of their title or position, is encouraged to act like a leader. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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Follow The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and improve your leadership skills. Take people and organizations to places they’ve never been before. ® www.leadershipchallenge.com

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1 Model the Way Leaders establish how people should be treated and goals pursued. They create standards and set the example. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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Model the Way by keeping these in mind: •  itles are granted, but your T behavior earns you respect. •  ords and deeds must W be consistent. •  ou must affirm the shared Y values of the group. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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2 Inspire a Shared Vision Leaders envision the future, see what the organization can become, and get others to see those possibilities. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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Inspire a Shared Vision by remembering: •  ou have to inspire commitment, Y not command it. •  isions seen only by leaders are V insufficient to create change in a company. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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3 Challenge the Process Look for innovative ways to improve organizations and accept disappointments as learning opportunities. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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Challenging the Process involves thinking about the following: •  eaders venture out; they don’t sit L idly by. •  reate a climate where good ideas C are supported. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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4 Enable Others to Act Leaders foster collaboration and build spirited teams by actively involving others. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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Enable Others to Act by bearing in mind the following: •  iving power to mentees grants G them ownership, making them more capable. •  eeking opinions of others builds up S their capabilities. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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5 Encourage the Heart To keep hope and determination alive, leaders recognize contributions that individuals make. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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Encourage the Heart by thinking about the following: •  reate a culture of celebrating values C and victories. •  elebrations and rituals can carry a C group through tough times. www.leadershipchallenge.com

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“ No leader ever got anything extraordinary done without the talent and support of others. Leadership is a team sport, and you need to engage others in the cause. What strengthens and sustains the relationship between leader and constituent is that leaders are obsessed with what is best for others, not what is best for the leader. ” – arry Posner, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge B and The Student Leadership Challenge www.leadershipchallenge.com

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“ People want to know what you stand for and believe in. They want to know what you value. And leaders need to know what others value, if they are going to be able to forge alignment between personal values and organizational demands. ” – im Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge J and The Student Leadership Challenge www.leadershipchallenge.com

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