Communication Framework for Change Agents

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Communica)on  Framework  for   Change Agents

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Want  to  drive  change  in     your  organiza2on?     The Two Rules of Change: Technological change is inevitable, swift and exponentially powerful. Gordon Moore's wisdom People don’t accept and embrace change at the same pace or for the same reasons; resistance is inevitable. Geoffrey Moore and Roger Everett's wisdom

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Win  hearts  and  minds!  

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PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL My team’s or my own performance will improve or our business outcome will be better I will have less tedious work to do. I will have less risk of error or I will look like a hero for sponsoring or supporting this. OR OR There isn’t enough evidence this will improve our business. This will add hours to my week or day. I fear this will fail and I’ll look like a failure along with it. I have so much else going on, I don’t see how I can learn this now.

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How  does  your  audience     react  to  change?  

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What's  their  personal  perspec2ve?     What excites change agents and visionaries rarely motivates conservatives and skeptics – understand your audience’s personal perspective on new ideas to be more effective communicating value.

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What's  their  professional  focus?   What concerns senior executives and front-line practitioners are rarely the same. Map the level of detail and content of your message to the focal areas of the audience.

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Is  the  audience  cap2ve?   If you’re a leader communicating change to your team, weigh and consider:

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What's  in  it  for  them?    LEVEL:  Exec                          WATCHES:  METRICS          Focuses  on:  PERFORMANCE  &  RESULTS   Visionary   Share  the  vision,  quan9fy  what's  possible:  less  cost  or  risk,  more   revenue  or  growth   Pragma;c   Quan9fy  what's  probable  and  steps/costs  to  achieve  likely  results   Conserva;ve   Quan9fy  what  others  have  achieved  and  the  cost  of  not  changing   (cost,  risk,  revenue,  share)   Skep;c   Determine  quickly  if  the  exec  is  a  skep9c,  find  another  sponsor  if  so  

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What's  in  it  for  them?    LEVEL:  Director                          Watches:  PROCESS          Focuses  on:  RELIABILITY  &  PREDICTABILITY   Visionary   Describe  the  poten9al  process  benefits  and    new  opportuni9es  available  as  a   result  of  change   Pragma;c   Demonstrate  probable  process  improvements.  Highlight  knowledge,  risk  or   other  gaps  that  will  be  closed   Conserva;ve   Skep;c   Detail  the  process  improvements;  demonstrate  current  process  shortcomings   so  risk  of  inac9on  exceeds  risk  of  change     Minimize  your  9me  investment;  highlight  the  risks,  costs  or  shortcomings  of   current  process.  

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What's  in  it  for  them?    LEVEL:  Manager                                  Watches:  ACTIONS          Focuses  on:  EXECUTION  PRIORITIES   Visionary   Highlight  what  more  they  can  achieve  and  the  personal  and  career   opportunity  presented     Pragma;c   Provide  specific  examples  to  show  how  this  change  improves  key  ac9ons;   detail  what  is  required  to  achieve  results   Conserva;ve   Skep;c   Show  how  your  idea  reduces  risk  of  failure,  inac9on,  or  error  in  current   prac9ces  or  prevents  loss,  so  risk  of  inac9on  as  greater  than  the  risk  of  change   Minimize  9me  spent  trying  to  convince  this  person.    Find  a  strong  execu9ve   sponsor  to  help.  

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What's  in  it  for  them?    LEVEL:  Prac99oner                                  Watches:  PROCESS          Focuses  on:  STEPS  &  QUALITY   Visionary   Show  how  they  can  make  a  bigger  impact,  grow  and  be  a  part  of  great  change   Pragma;c   Explain  specifically  what  will  change  -­‐-­‐  what  steps  are  eliminated,  what  are   improved.  Show  execu9ve  sponsorship   Conserva;ve   Skep;c   Itemize  what  they  won't  have  to  do  in  the  future,  what  tedium  is  eliminated,   and  how  they  or  their  work  will  be  beSer  off   Don't  invest  9me  convincing  this  skep9c;  there  is  liSle  you  can  do  to   accelerate  their  adop9on  

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Now  go  change  your  world!   Set  ambi;ous  goals   Recognize  achievement   Mo;vate  teams   Manage  execu;on  priori;es   Streamline  mee;ngs   Use  Workboard  to  share  and  achieve  your  goals.   Get  the  Workboard  app  free  forever  at  www.workboard.com   Source: Moore, Geoffrey A., Inside the Tornado: Strategies for Developing, Leveraging, and Surviving Hypergrowth Markets

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