5 Key Factors in a Successful Referral Program

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5 Key Factors in a Successful ReferralProgram

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1. Maximize Awareness Getting a large number of referral prospects into the pipeline and engaged with your sales team is critical to your program’s success. FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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The referral program website must be both comprehensive and easy to use and understand. 2. Make it a seamless experience

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3. Keep your advocates and prospects in the loop! Keeping your advocates informed by communicating the status of each referral is key to keeping them happy.

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4. Help people to refer off-line as well! Some common and important referral methods to leverage include: Printed referral cards, verbal referrals, email referrals, and social media referrals.

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5. Recognize the power of referrals Referrals have the power to create an enormous amount of brand equity in prospects that are interested in your products and services.

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